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Plus size model hits out at troll who called out her 'inappropriate’ Disney World outfit

Plus size model hits out at troll who called out her 'inappropriate’ Disney World outfit

A model hit back at a troll who branded her choice of outfit for Disney World 'inappropriate'.

A plus sized model has hit back at a troll who slammed her for wearing an 'inappropriate' outfit while out and about at Disney World.

Sam Paige visited Disney World recently and was attacked by a troll (online, there wasn't a mishap with the Onward characters) who criticised her choice of outfit.

The model had posted a series of videos of herself at Disney World to TikTok, declaring it to be her 'fave place', and since this is the internet, people aren't allowed to have nice things.

The troll commented on her videos that she'd chosen an 'inappropriate' outfit to wear while visiting Disney World.

Model Sam Paige was attacked by a troll for her Disney World outfit.

Their comments ended up getting quoted in another one of Sam's videos as she responded to the criticism.

They said: "Why dress so inappropriate when you're at a theme park for children? That's an outfit you wear for an adult gathering."

Well, they actually said Disney World was a 'theme part', but that doesn't make any sense.

Anyway, Paige hit back, calling them out for slamming her as 'inappropriate' and pointing out that plenty of other people wear far more revealing outfits than the one she wore to Disney World.

She said: "This comment is so annoying because I'm wearing a shirt with sleeves and a skort.

"So that's a skirt that has shorts attached to it, and you're deeming it 'inappropriate' because it's a skirt or what you think is a skirt that actually had shorts underneath it. But because it's on a big body it's bothering you?

"Skinny people wear shorter things, more revealing things, at theme parks where I've seen literal booty cheeks hanging out under shorts. But because I'm fat it's 'inappropriate'."

The model's followers supported her response, saying her 'outfit was so cute' and reassuring her that 'curvy women get hated on no matter how we dress'.

Another person encouraged her to 'wear what makes you feel good' while someone else said 'people get big mad at something that's not necessary'.

As for what constitutes 'inappropriate' at Disney World, Disney themselves have actually got some ideas on where the lines are drawn there.

The company has a clothing policy where they can block people from getting in if staff don't reckon a guest is dressed appropriately, and since Sam was able to get in without a problem her outfit for the visit has basically got the Disney seal of approval.

Featured Image Credit: @sampaigeeee/TikTok

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