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Woman praised after refusing to move plane seats to let mum have seat for her baby

Woman praised after refusing to move plane seats to let mum have seat for her baby

Followers agreed the woman was in the right.

A woman has been praised after she refused to move seats for a family with a baby while heading off on her honeymoon.

TikToker Michelle - who goes by @michelleag12 - took to the video sharing platform to share the story from a couple of years ago.

She explained she was travelling to Las Vegas with her husband on their honeymoon when she was approached by a mum who asked if she could have her seat for her baby.

Michelle was sitting in a window seat, while her husband was in the next row in front of her, also in the window seat.

The TikToker explained that as the baby was around the age of one, the family hadn't needed to book a separate seat because the little one was young enough to sit on their laps.

However, as the flight was five hours long, the mum wanted to be able to have a seat for her baby, and so asked if she would move from the window, to free up three seats.

Michelle was praised for not moving.

"The mum looked at me and asked if they could have my seat for the baby to sit in so we can all sit together," she recalled.

"Usually with babies that young, you don't have to pay for a seat for them, they can just sit on their parents' lap, but she wanted him to have my seat so she wouldn't have to carry him for five hours.

"I hesitated because I was sitting close to my husband and I didn't want to get up, but I also felt bad because her baby was fussy."

Michelle explained that she left her seat to try and find a different one, but the only one remaining on the busy flight was at the back of the plane. When she asked the man next to the empty seat if he minded if she sat there, he explained he had paid for two seats so that he would be on his own.

This meant Michelle had to return to her original seat and ask for it back.

"I went back to my seat and told the lady there were no empty seats, but she already had the baby down and all of his stuff out, including his snacks and his blanket and everything.

Michelle was sitting in the window seat.
Andrey Kuzmin/Alamy Stock Photo

"She got mad at me. She did not want to move her baby and I had to call a flight attendant over and tell her what was going on. The flight attendant told her she had to move her stuff because it was in my seat.

"I had to spend the whole flight with them giving me an attitude for the next five hours."

Other TikTokers were horrified after hearing the story, with many praising Michelle for not ultimately moving.

"Lack of preparation on her part should not be your problem," one wrote.

While another added: "You were an angel. As a parent, I would NEVER ask that of a person. That sounds like entitlement to me. Kudos to your big heart."

Featured Image Credit: TikTok/@michelleag12/Maria Argutinskaya/Alamy Stock Photo

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