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People Are Now Bathing In Lube And We Have So Many Questions

People Are Now Bathing In Lube And We Have So Many Questions

This is disturbing.

Gregory Robinson

Gregory Robinson

It seems like every day there's a new weird and wonderful hack for a perfect complexion - but nothing could have prepared us for this one.

We regret to inform you that people are now using lube for 'soft and refreshed' skin.

People are now bathing in lube (

Amazon is selling Slube which is described as 'thick slimy liquid' that has been 'formulated to leave your skin feeling soft and refreshed'.

The trend is also picking up traction elsewhere with shoppers raving about it on social media.

Slube is basically slimy lube for the bath tub and comes as a powder in a box which the user adds to their bath and mixes with their hands.

And it's getting rave reviews on the retail site.

Could lube be the new bath bomb? (

Customers have given it no less than five stars, with one person writing on another retail site: "This really helped me and my partner get closer together."

Another satisfied Slube customer shared: "It really does smell like custard."

And if that wasn't enough of a shock, it comes in a bright custard yellow shade and is scented to smell like the gooey yellow desert accompaniment too.

Have you ever wondered what it's like to bathe in custard scented lube before? Neither have we (

We're not sure why anyone would want to bathe in custard scented slime but it appears lots of people absolutely love sploshing around in it.

If you've ever felt like slipping and sliding in the tub by yourself or with a partner in custard, this could be the closest thing to the real thing.

There do appear to be some positives - it's vegan friendly, it won't harm the environment and simply goes down the drain.

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