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Cruise ship worker reveals 9 things she would never do at onboard buffet

Cruise ship worker reveals 9 things she would never do at onboard buffet

You simply need to know this if you're planning a cruise any time soon

Whether or not going on cruises is your thing, finding out the way things work onboard is always fascinating.

Some people love cruises so much they've swapped a life on land for a full-time sea odyssey - and sometimes it works out even cheaper than paying for a mortgage.

These days, there are even cruises that set sail specifically for swingers' parties.

It would seem there's something in it for everyone.

If you're still not sure, who better to learn from than somebody with first-hand experience?

Punters often see the polished version of things - while those actually working on the ship see the nitty gritty.

Cruising as Crew is a YouTube channel run by 28-year-old Lucy Southerton - and her videos often gain thousands of views as she lifts the lid on the reality of cruises.

Back in February, she uploaded a video titled '9 Things NOT to Do at the Cruise Ship Buffet', and even though I'm pretty sure we can all agree that we love a good buffet, the results are even more shocking than you might expect.

Here's the lowdown...

Try to avoid the crowds

Lucy says: "I know it's really tempting to go straight to the buffet, but the thing you need to keep in mind is everyone is instructed to go to the buffet.

"The leaders of the cruise ship tell all the crew members to direct all of the passengers that are coming on to the buffet, which means - yes it's going to be crowded.

"But there's always other places you can eat on the cruise ship."

Lucy recommends asking staff which other venues are open for food and drink, so your service is faster and the food is probably better quality.

Be respectful on board. (Getty Stock Image)
Be respectful on board. (Getty Stock Image)

Don't take food out of the buffet

Lucy warns against getting a plate of food from the buffet and taking it out to the pool area or something similar.

She says: "The buffet usually has certain cutlery, certain plates that has to stay in the buffet area.

"And of course if you're walking around with food, chances are you'll bump into someone and spill food everywhere, maybe you'll spill food on another passenger which isn't great for them."

Cover up

Lucy stresses that, while there is no specific 'dress code' for the buffet or onboard eateries, you must cover up. For women, this could be a sarong or a dress over swimwear, and men should look to wear a t-shirt as well as a pair of shorts.

"You can't just go in there in your swimwear especially if you've just got out of the pool and you're dripping wet.

"It's a safety hazard and secondly - it doesn't matter how many abs you have, no one wants to see you naked especially when they're eating."

Always make sure you're using the right utensils. (Getty Stock Image)
Always make sure you're using the right utensils. (Getty Stock Image)

Wash your hands

"Most people will know this", Lucy begins.

"There will always be a crew member stood outside with hand sanitiser, there will be hand washing stations."

Lucy notes a huge amount of people walk by and 'try to get away with it'.

Lucy says it is your own responsibility to wash your hands and stay moisturised as illnesses spread 'like wildfire' onboard a cruise.

Take the time to peruse all of the food on offer

Lucy notes that there will be a lot of food onboard a cruise buffet as there are so many people to feed - but don't assume it's the same food on each row.

"One side served pasta, the other side served pizza.

"What I want to say is make sure, especially if it's your first day, scout out the whole buffet - see where they serve different options."

This way you can avoid disappointment and make sure you're eating exactly what you'd enjoy the most.

It's worth scoping out the whole buffet. (Getty Stock Photo)
It's worth scoping out the whole buffet. (Getty Stock Photo)

Keep an eye on your waste

"Seeing the amount of food people consume on a food vacation is wild.

"Unfortunately it does normally lead to a lot of food waste.

"Our eyes are bigger than our bellies - and it leads to a lot of food waste."

Lucy reminds you that you can go up as many times as you like to - so it's better to go up five times and have a little bit each time, than go up twice and waste a mountain of food.

Pay attention to the serving utensils

Lucy urges you not to mix and match the serving utensils. For example, don't use the spoon for the peas in the tray of chicken.

"I really urge you not to," Lucy says. "There's a lot of people who have allergies, dietary restrictions.

"You simply using the wrong tongs for that dish could cause them a lot of issues."

If there is no utensil in the dish you want - it's always worth asking a member of staff.

There are healthy options, too. (Getty Stock Image)
There are healthy options, too. (Getty Stock Image)

Aim for a balanced diet

Lucy says most people assume cruise buffets are all pizza, pasta and fries.

But she reassures us that there are always salads on board and often 'a whole host' of healthy options.

"There really is something for everyone", she says.

Always use fresh plates

Lucy says if you finish your food and are heading back up to the buffet, don't take the same plate - opt for another one.

While you may think this is just more washing up, it's actually more hygienic.

"Trust me, they would rather do the washing up than have an illness spread across the cruise ship."

Featured Image Credit: YouTube/@CruisingAsCrew/Michael Dunning/Getty Images

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