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Woman undergoes £61,000-worth of surgery so she 'doesn't let herself go like so many women do'

Woman undergoes £61,000-worth of surgery so she 'doesn't let herself go like so many women do'

She says she wants to look her best for her age-gap husband

A woman who has spent more than £60,000 on cosmetic procedures says she wants to look ‘as good as she can’ for her millionaire husband and not let herself go like 'so many other women do'.

Leila Griffin, 29, got hitched to Bruce Griffin, 54, last July and is dead set on looking her best for her new husband, who is happy to foot the bill for her surgeries.

Leila, who is originally from North London but now lives in Tampa, Florida, has had a tummy tuck, boob job, liposuction and says she gets fillers as often as she changes her knickers.

Leila says her age-gap hubby is supportive of her cosmetic work and that they both like the ‘fake’ look.

Leila Griffin has spent more than £60,000 on cosmetic surgery.
Kennedy News and Media

The mum-of-one said: "I'm an advocate for plastic surgery. If someone wants to get something done, they should just go and do it.

"I do want to look as good as I can for my husband, as every woman should. There are so many women that let themselves go, and I'm like, 'what are you doing?'.

"When I told Bruce I was getting the surgery done, he said, 'whatever you want that will make you happy'. He says I can get whatever I want.

"The surgery could have cost 100 grand and I still would have done it.

"I'll go to him and say 'hey, this is what I want', and we'll talk about it, but for me he knows that no isn't an option."

Leila married husband Bruce, who is 25 years her senior, last July.
Kennedy News and Media

She continued: "It's my body - if I want to do something that's my decision, and he just supports it.

"If anything, I prefer to look plastic rather than natural because that's what I like. Bruce likes the fake look [but] he's not the one who tells me to go and do it.

"But he will put in his two cents and it's then up to me [in terms of] what I decide to do with his opinion.

"Bruce was my caregiver after the [tummy tuck] surgery for a couple of weeks. You have to sleep in a wedged position, so he rented me a hospital bed that we kept in the bedroom.

"After I recovered, he loved the results - you can see ab definition."

The mum says anyone who wants cosmetic surgery should just go for it.
Kennedy News and Media

Leila added: "I go for lip filler like I change underwear. It doesn't last very long on me so I have to keep going back.

"I wouldn't know how many procedures I've had this year because I go so often for Botox and filler."

Leila says she has received the odd nasty comment but that she ignores them.

"I get people saying 'easy on the plastic' and I say 'no, it's a vibe',” she said.

"With my lips, Bruce said that he's worried that I'm going to go overboard.

"But I know in my head how I want to look and I'm not there yet, but I've told him not to worry.

"And to other people I might look stupid already, but I don't care.

"I obviously want to look good for my husband, but it was more to look good for myself and the world."

Featured Image Credit: Kennedy News and Media

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