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Woman Shares 'Genius' Cling Film Hack To Take Christmas Tree Down Quickly

Woman Shares 'Genius' Cling Film Hack To Take Christmas Tree Down Quickly

But... decorating your tree is the best part of Christmas?!

Joanna Freedman

Joanna Freedman

A woman has revealed her mum's favourite time saving trick when packing up the Christmas decorations - and it's certainly controversial.

Larraine McDougall speeds up taking down the Christmas decorations by wrapping up her tree in cling film with all the baubles and tinsel still on it.

We mean, we think the best part of Christmas is decorating your tree, but each to their own!

Larraine has been wrapping her £80 B&Q fir tree in cling film for four years, and she says it makes it much easier to take down without any faff.

The fully assembled tree then sits in the garage for 11 months with all the decor still on it.

Larraine wraps her tree in cling film (
Triangle News)

She unwraps it from the clingfilm the next December, saving her time every Christmas.

Larraine's daughter Trudy McDougall Alexander shared snaps of her mum wrapping the tree on Facebook as she did it, and it quickly racked up more than 17,000 likes and comments.

Trudy, 42, said of her mum's hack: "She has been doing it for four years now.

"It started when she moved house one December so she it to move her tree into her new home.

"She used to spend hours putting them all up and taking them down again.

"She loves her Christmas tree but dreaded how much time she spent on it."

Trudy shared the tip on Facebook (
Triangle News)

In response to the photograph, one Facebook user wrote: "I'm flummoxed! That is GENIUS!!!"

While another wrote: "Now THAT is a great idea!"

A third wasn't so sure, though, chipping in: "Good time-saving idea, especially for older people but one of my fave parts of Xmas is putting up the tree & decorating it with the kids so not for me!"

Meanwhile another penned: "I don't know that I could handle the amount of plastic waste that would produce over the years for the slight inconvenience of just taking down ornaments."

Would you sacrifice decorating the Christmas tree to spend less time taking it down? (

You can now buy eco-friendly, biodegradable cling film from a number of retailers including Lakeland, where you can buy a roll for £3.99.

"Specially designed from materials that are suitable for home composting, once added to your compost heap it'll disappear within 12 months, without leaving any harmful material behind - so you can wrap your lunchtime sandwiches knowing you're doing your bit for the environment," Lakeland explain.

Trudy - who lives down the road from her mum in Newbiggin-by-the-sea, Northumberland - said she'd posted the tip in the hope it "cheers people up" during these uncertain times.

"This horrible pandemic is causing nothing but sadness and depression to a lot of people," she said. "I really do hope this cheers so many people up".

She added that her mum has been blown away by the response on social media.

Trudy added: "She is on Facebook herself. She cannot believe it."

Featured Image Credit: Unsplash/ Triangle News

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