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Woman shares genius Christmas dinner hack to keep food warm

Woman shares genius Christmas dinner hack to keep food warm

Keeping elements of your Christmas dinner warm while cooking others can be a nightmare

There's truly nothing better than a Christmas dinner - the mere thought of roast turkey with all the trimmings and lashings of gravy makes our mouths water.

But it's not half as exciting if you're the one who has to slave away in the kitchen all day in order to make it.

And, with each dish having different cooking times and temperatures, figuring out the logistics of it all can be an absolute nightmare.

Luckily, between endless clothing hauls and trending relationship tests, TikTok has provided a series of genius Christmas hacks that will help you organise your big day.

The hack uses a hot water bottle.

It can be difficult to get everything the perfect temperature when you're cooking for a crowd and don't have the oven space to keep all your dishes hot.

TikToker Tanya (@tanyahomeinspo) has shared her solution for the common Christmas conundrum with her followers on the platform.

In the short clip, she said: "I'm going to change your life in one video," before transferring the cooked food to foil dishes and popping a hot water bottle under each one.

Genius, right?

The warmth of the hot water bottle will ensure that the food is kept hot without burning until everyone is ready to tuck in.

And TikTok users were left seriously impressed by the UK-based influencer's hack.

One person commented: "Brilliant to keep food warm when you have it on the table."

Another added: "I'm convinced you're not human but an actual genius."

And a third wrote: "Love your hacks girl... can't wait [for] what you come up with next."

Another woman recently went viral after sharing her rather interesting hack for reducing Christmas dinner-related stress. That is, preparing it a month in advance.

TikToker Charlotte Crouch (@charlottescrunchymama) posted a video explaining how she does it, writing: “Reasons why I prepare my Xmas dinner a month ahead!”

She began: “Firstly, have you been to a shop before Christmas? Those few days before Christmas, they are manic.

"I’ve done the whole going in at 5 o’clock in the morning, and the queues are up the aisles. I’ve gone late in the day, there are queues up the aisles. People just go nuts.

“But if you go in November, they’re just normal. So I can get my King Edwards potatoes and make sure they’re the potatoes that I prefer to do it with.”

Charlotte continued: “Secondly, it means that I can make sure I've made every part of the roast dinner from scratch.

“So normally I make pretty much 90 percent from scratch, but I might buy instant gravy. For Christmas dinner that is not gonna cut it.”

While some applauded Charlotte for her stress-busting tip, others weren't convinced by the idea of eating frozen food on Christmas Day, saying it would be 'reheated and ruined.'

What do you think?

Featured Image Credit: TikTok/@tanyahomeinspo

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