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Woman shares genius hack to turn wrapping paper into gift bag

Woman shares genius hack to turn wrapping paper into gift bag

She took to TikTok to demonstrate the handy hack

While, for the most part, Christmas is a lovely time to eat good food, enjoy some time off and gather around with loved ones as you share gifts with one another - it's clear that the faff of wrapping can all get a little too much sometimes.

Well, if you're anything like me and absolutely lose it whenever it comes to wrapping anything other than a book, you'll be happy to know a wrapping aficionado has come to the rescue.

One woman has shared her genius hack to turn wrapping paper into a lovely little gift bag and people are going mad for it.

One woman has shared her 'game changing' wrapping paper hack for awkward presents.

Nikki, who goes by the handle @wrappinqueen online, took to TikTok to share the top tip.

She started the video telling her followers she would be sharing a 'Christmas wrapping hack you definitely didn't know'.

The woman continued: "If you want to wrap an odd item, like a teddy bear or a ball, you can actually make a gift bag out of wrapping paper.

"You're gonna take it, make sure you have enough to cover the whole item top and bottom, tape it down and then at the bottom, about a quarter of the way down, you're going to fold up and then take the ends and fold those towards the middle," she explained.

Viewers couldn't get enough of the festive hack.

Next, the wrapping maestro instructed: "Take the top and bottom and fold that towards the middle so they meet and you're going to tape it all down which actually creates the bottom of the bag."

All that's left to do after all that is simply popping in the present and some final finishing touches.

"Put your item in through the top and you can secure with some ribbon, a gift tag or any way you would like," Nikki concluded.

All sound a tad overwhelming? Well, check out a step-by-step tutorial here:

The caption read: "Create your own gift bag out of wrapping paper!

It's clear viewers couldn't get enough of the festive hack, with many rushing into the comments to share their reactions.

One TikTok user praised: "This is awesome!"

A second penned: "Just did this! AMAZING!!"

"Thank you so much my family and I really needed this hack," gushed a third. "Makes our lives easier!"

Someone else echoed: "Thank you, I've got SO MUCH CHRISTMAS wrapping paper. I'm gonna practice now!"

"This is so much easier," admitted another. "I was rubbish at wrapping, but this way makes my wrapping look presentable."

A final TikTok user added: "Just used this and omg game changer!"

Will you be trying out this wrapping paper hack this Christmas?

Featured Image Credit: @wrappinqueen/TikTok

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