People Are Losing It Over The Colour Of These Trainers

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People Are Losing It Over The Colour Of These Trainers

Prepare to be very confused, because there's a new optical illusion dong the rounds on social media, and we are *baffled* by it.

The photograph - which features a pair of trainers - has users completely bewildered, with debate over whether the sneakers are black or white.


So, what do you see?


A quick poll of the Tyla team and *most* of us see a pair of black trainers, but confusingly, this isn't the case for everyone. Some are saying the trainers are actually white. Whaaaaat.

Do you see black or white trainers? (Credit: Facebook)
Do you see black or white trainers? (Credit: Facebook)

Originally posted on a private group on Facebook, the image of the shoes has been causing a lot of debate.

"Do you see black or white trainers here?" The person wrote.


"This is confusing my brain with what people are saying they see."

And other members of the group had some very strong opinions, with one adamant the trainers are black.

"Black, one plain and one with logos," they wrote.


Another said they can see one black trainer and one white, while many claimed the shoes appeared black on first glance, but after returning to the photo they "can only see white".

"They were black when I first looked but now I can't unsee the white!", one person wrote.

Meanwhile, more confused Twitter users are sure the trainers are white, with one offering an explanation: "White. These are white trainers in a dark room with a bright logo shining on them."

Some were still baffled, however, with one simply adding: "How do you see white trainers?! Wot."


It's probably the most confusing optical illusion we've seen since The Dress.

In 2015, an image of a dress was posted online and the internet went into overdrive over whether it was gold and white striped or black and blue.


This is all too much to handle on a Monday morning, but we are mega intrigued. What do you see in the images?

Featured Image Credit: Unsplash

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