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Woman brands Vinted seller as 'waste of space' over £4 'bobbly leggings'

Woman brands Vinted seller as 'waste of space' over £4 'bobbly leggings'

The Vinted drama continues...

Anyone who has been on Vinted for even a minute will know all about the drama that can crop up on the second-hand marketplace app from time to time.

Whether you're getting relentless low-ball offers, navigating the faff of printing out a postage label without a printer at home or just dealing with some downright rude people - it's clear that Vinted can be extremely chaotic at times.

And one of the latest chaotic exchanges sees one woman brand a Vinted seller a 'waste of space' over £4 'bobbly leggings'.

The awkward exchange was shared to the incredible Depop Drama page on TikTok.

It all started with a buyer messaging the seller: "Just arrived and the thigh bit is full of bobbles."

"Hiya," the seller replied. "PLT leggings bobble up literally after the first wear as it's cheaply made clothes and bobbles aren't hard to remove off clothing.

"I've worn these no more than two times as I rarely ever wear beige hence why I didn't even look for bobbles but happy to have them returned."

The buyer then explained that while she understood that fact, she was a tad miffed that it 'wasn't explained', adding: "I wouldn't have bought them. Obviously I've paid the £4 for them but then £8 after postage so you can imagine I didn't want bobbly leggings.

"I could have bought new ones for a few quid more. I'm not covering return but otherwise happy to."

The 'bobbly' leggings in question. (TikTok/@depopdrama)
The 'bobbly' leggings in question. (TikTok/@depopdrama)

This is where things heat up a bit.

The seller hits back: "If you're able to buy new items for a few quid more next time I suggest you just buy new directly from the PLT website instead of expecting fresh out the packet condition for a third of the price on a second-hand website so that people who can't afford to pay a few quid more like you can be able to buy instead."

They highlighted at this point that the item was 'not described as new with tags' before signing off: "Have a good evening."

Ramping up even further, the buyer said: "There's no way I'm paying to send this sh*te back for a refund of £4, no chance.

"And don't come up with your clever sh*te with me. I don't expect fresh out the packet leggings but as they were described as very good condition, I'd expect them not to come all bobbly from where your crusty crotch has been."

She continued: "Take your £4, you clearly need it, but I think that's very unfair. I've paid £8 for a pair of leggings to look like they do - in the bin!"

The seller then pointed to the poor condition of the buyer's own items, dubbing her a 'Karen'.

The buyer then opened up a case with the Vinted support team before leaving a two-star review which read: "What was the point of selling something and then not bothering to send.

"What a waste of space you are."

Things went from 0 to 100... (TikTok/@depopdrama)
Things went from 0 to 100... (TikTok/@depopdrama)

Continuing the saga, the seller replied to the review writing: "'Waste of space' is a bit harsh to say someone over a pair of leggings, love. Unfortunately selling on Vinted isn't my job occupation and this isn't Amazon Prime.

"I've had more important things going on that I've had to prioritise over £3 Vinted sale especially when there's rude buyers like you getting irate because of leggings. God bless x."

The seller then left the buyer a one-star review calling them an 'unnecessarily rude buyer' and 'slightly unhinged' because they didn't send the leggings off 'in time'.

"Seek help! God bless x," the seller finished up.

And, finally at the end of the drama, the buyer snapped back: "Wasn't sending them off in time? It was not sent at all.

"So now I have to wait for a refund which takes ages. Some of us, you know, are finding times hard.

"So [it] may only be a £3 pair of leggings to you, but it's a wasted £7 for me. So thanks for the feedback."


Where do you stand on the matter?

Featured Image Credit: Jakub Porzycki/NurPhoto via Getty Images/TikTok/depopdrama

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