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Everyone Thinks Zac Efron Just Flashed His Followers In Steamy Sauna Pic

Everyone Thinks Zac Efron Just Flashed His Followers In Steamy Sauna Pic

We are howling.

Ciara Sheppard

Ciara Sheppard

Like us, you may have been scrolling Instagram over the last couple of days, and come across a harmless photo of Zac Efron. Hey, it's Zac topless in a sauna, that's nice, you may have thought.

Until... wait WHAT? Is that...? It can't be!

Yes, people are losing it over a photo of the 32-year-old actor in which he appears flashing his you-know-what to millions. When you see it you can't un-see it. Just look:

Get your minds out the gutter, guys!

Of course the Extremely Wicked star isn't actually performing the waistband trick in front of his 40 million followers - but it sure as hell looks like it.

The saucy optical illusion is thanks to the black string of his white shorts and the show it casts which makes it look like a penis. (And a slightly unhealthy one at that.)

Is it bad that at first we genuinely thought this might be some sort of avant-garde Love magazine shoot or something? Is it bad that we didn't blink?

Zac gave his followers quite a shock this week. (

Anyway, naturally Zac's devotees were in equals amounts of hysterics and states of fluster.

"Looks like you've got a really hairy h***** sticking up above your shorts," said one person, not skirting around the problem.

"I saw this picture and almost commented 'Daddy'," said another.

"Omg, that black string on your shorts could second for something else. Kinda in the craziest position," thought a third.

"I had to do a quick little double take and zoomed in on this picture!" said another.

"Is that a d ?," said one person, asking for us all.

This isn't the first time a Zac Efron Instagram snap has elicited the same amount of conversation, but for entirely different reasons.

Last year, the actor send everyone into meltdown by simply riding a horse. The image posted to his social media channels shows Zac smouldering into the distance as he shows off a new luscious beard and muscular arms as he reins in the pony.

Keep posting, Zac.

Featured Image Credit: Instagram/ZacEfron

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