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Man slams couple who let baby make 'disgusting' mess in restaurant without cleaning up

Man slams couple who let baby make 'disgusting' mess in restaurant without cleaning up

Viewers were left divided on who should clean up the mess

A frustrated man was left feeling 'sorry for the wait staff' at a restaurant after some customers left without clearing up after their baby.

TikTok user 'Beau The Legend' shared his annoyance on the platform after coming across the mess at the restaurant, where bits of food had been scattered beneath the now-empty highchair.

Obviously spills are going to happen at restaurants, especially when babies are involved, and sometimes there's only so much customers can do to clear them up.

Babies are notoriously messy eaters.

If you're looking at a case of cola on a white table cloth, then you'll probably just have to dab at it with your napkin and admit defeat. If it's a chunk of solid food that's easy to grab, then it's generally much easier to pick up. But is that the right thing to do?

In general, it's usually seen as considerate to clean up after yourself, which is probably why Beau was so angry when he came across the chunks of food spread on the carpet.

As he filmed the scene, Beau said: "I don't care who you are as a parent, leaving a f**king restaurant like that is disgusting. Surely it's not that hard to pick up after your kids."

To be fair, we don't know the context surrounding the scene - it's entirely possible that there might have been a more pressing emergency that caused the customers to run out without having chance to pick up the crumbs.

Beau stood firm in his belief, though, with a caption alongside the video reading: "You gotta feel sorry for the wait staff."

Chunks of food had been left scattered on the floor.

A lot of people agreed with his opinion, with one person writing: "I’d clean it. I also leave the plates stacked and cutlery together."

However, the TikToker also received a lot of backlash for his criticism of the parents.

Many viewers cited their own experiences as they explained why it's sometimes easier for the staff to clean up the mess, as one wrote: "I was picking up scrambled egg that my toddler threw all on the floor and the waitress literally told me to stop because it’s her job to sweep it."

Another added: "My son made a mess like this, I went to ask the lady at the cafe for a broom and she told me not to worry it’s her job. she told me mine was to relax."

A third viewer was able to share an opinion from both sides, writing: "As a mum I always pick up as much as I can, as a server I tell mums pls don't - it takes me seconds with a broom rather than them crawling the floor."

It seems like there's no right answer when it comes to clearing up after your kids, but it's nice to do your bit when you can.

Featured Image Credit: TikTok/@beau_the_legend

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