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Woman Shares Clever Hack To Get Rid Of Fruit Flies

Woman Shares Clever Hack To Get Rid Of Fruit Flies

A TikTok user has revealed a simple way to get rid of fruit flies - and people can't believe they didn't think of it before.

Fruit flies are a common nuisance in our homes, especially during hot weather. We've all tried to shoo them away to no avail, as they buzz happily around our rooms.

But if you're looking for a less strenuous, and potentially longer lasting solution, one woman on TikTok has found just that.

Sharing the clip to the video sharing app, Amanda Milne revealed how she manages to get rid of fruit flies from her home - and it's so simple.

Watch the clip below:

To get rid of the annoying pests, Amanda uses an empty every day plastic water bottle with a few slices of pineapple at the bottom.

Fruit flies live up to their name because they are, you guessed it, attracted to the sweet smell from fermenting fruit and foods with lots of fructose - a type of sugar found in many plants and fruit.

Female fruit flies lay their eggs on fermenting foods and judging by all the fruit flies buzzing around in Amanda’s water bottle, the hack has definitely done its job.

To stop the fruit flies from flying out of the top of the bottle, Amanda inserted a cone of paper blocking the flies' exit.

Because paper is in a conical shape, the flies are able to enter the bottle through the larger hole, but are unable to fly out through the smaller hole at the tip of the cone.

Amanda shared the hack on TikTok (

In the video Amanda can be heard celebrating her discovery. "This is the best TikTok hack I have ever, ever come across.

"These wee fruit flies have been the bane of my life for days, and days, and days!"

She added: "I put some pineapple into a cup and a wee cone of paper. They can get in but they cann't get out."

TikTok users were loving the hack and many people claimed they were going to try it out themselves. 

One user said: “These things literally have a key to my house! So many this year!”

While a second account wrote: “I’m in London. They invaded my personal space. I thought I’m the only one.”

And a third woman said: “Thank the Lord it’s not just my house. I will have to try this.”

Female fruit flies lay their eggs on fermenting fruit (

Dozens of TikTok users said they wished they saw the hack at the start of summer, with one person adding: “OMG thank you sooo much. They’ve been doing my head in.”

There were also some suggestions for alternative methods to using pineapple. 

One TikTok user suggesting using a mixture of vinegar and sugar with washing up liquid in a bowl covered with cling film. If you poke holes in the clingfilm the flies will be ember to swarm inside the bowl without having the ability to escape.

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