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Aldi Is Selling A £14.99 Body Bumper And It's Perfect For Hen Dos

Aldi Is Selling A £14.99 Body Bumper And It's Perfect For Hen Dos

Imagine your future mother-in-law in one of these.

No offence to any bridal parties, but hen dos can tend to be a bit samey.

We all love some naughty party games and a phallic straw, but this new Aldi drop will bring a new element of fun to the party.

Aldi’s latest Specialbuy is the Crane Body Bumper – an inflatable, wearable ball for you to have the ultimate battles.

These Body Bumpers are available online and in stores now (

The product is available online now as well as in stores so make sure to take a trip down that iconic Specialbuys aisle.

This is perf for any summer hen dos and they’re only £14.99.

They’re part of the Garden Activity Range and offer loads of possible games. Fancy some running/rolling races or play wrestling? Might be a welcome alternative to awkward Would You Rathers.

You could add a jokey Sports Day element to your Hen Do (

Plus, it will definitely break the ice when mixing hens who haven’t met before and might feel a tad uncomfortable being thrown into small talk.

Instead, just throw them into an inflatable ball so they can safely tackle each other!

Why not try something a little different for your hen do? (

Let’s be honest, any type of nostalgic Sports Day activity on a Hen Do would be made more fun if everyone now has a 1.2m diameter bubble to navigate.

Just the added padding will make things that little bit more challenging and a lot more hilarious for the whole party.

With the red and blue colours, you could even split up into colour teams and make a proper tournament out of it.

Stags versus Hens, anyone? My money’s on the Hens.

These Body Bumpers are suitable for children too (

These Body Bumpers can also be fun for the whole family. They’re suitable for children over the age of eight so if you want a new back garden game while the weather’s nice, then this will definitely do the trick.

These Boy Bumpers come with safety belts, inner handles and eight air chambers to soothe worries about safety.

They also come with a repair kit so don’t stress about a short product life or a Body Bumper starting to deflate.

Time to have a ball and get these for your latest hen do weekend, but warning, don’t laugh too much at your future mother-in-law rolling down a hill.

Featured Image Credit: Pexels/Yuliia Auer

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