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Woman Captures Moment Her Baby Bump 'Dropped'

Woman Captures Moment Her Baby Bump 'Dropped'

This is wild!

A mum-to-be left her followers shocked when she managed to capture the moment her baby bump 'dropped' on camera during a gym session.

TikTok creator and expecting mother Jaime (@weirdjaime) had been filming herself doing a kettlebell workout while 38 weeks pregnant when her baby belly 'dropped', stopping her in her tracks.

Sharing the video to her account, Jaime confessed in the caption that she "almost peed [her]self" when it went down. Watch the video here:

After clearly seeing Jaime's baby belly 'drop' mid-workout, the people of TikTok took to the comments section to discuss the phenomenon.

"I mean that’s one way to induce labour!" joked one follower.

"Lol baby is like that’s it i have had enough! 🤣" commented a second.

"He’s like mom chill I’m trying to nap in here 😤" another amused viewer added.

Many TikTokers were amazed that they could see Jaime's baby bump drop so clearly on camera.

"Oh wow!! I saw baby drop from here!!! 🥰" wrote an amazed viewer.

"GIRL YOU EVICTED THEM! 🤣" laughed another.

The mum-to-be was caught mid-workout when her bump 'dropped'. (

Typically, a baby bump 'dropping' is an indicator that the body is getting ready for labour in the near future, hence why so many other expecting mums were shocked that Jaime was able to take part in such a high intensity workout in the first place.

One pregnant viewer wrote: "Meanwhile I’m 35 weeks and can barely walk through the grocery store 😅".

Another joked: "I’m 4 weeks and afraid to move the wrong way 😳".

"Um I’m 38 weeks and I successfully put socks on today 💅😂. Go mama!" commented a third mum-to-be.

A fourth shook follower added: "Honestly you're amazing! I wish I could do that. 31 weeks and just rolling over in bed my ligaments feel like they're tearing 😂😭."

The mum-to-be was 38 weeks pregnant when her bump 'dropped'. (

Jaime is just one of the many expecting mums who has been sharing the ups and downs of her pregnancy journey on TikTok recently.

Another TikTok creator who recently welcomed a baby went viral on the app when she shared that the father of her child decided to bring a full gaming console into the labour ward during her 21-hour induction.

After racking up 1.6 million views, 45,000 likes and 3,200 comments, TikToker @amberskxtt has viewers in a heated debate over her partner's actions.

You can read more about that story here.

Featured Image Credit: TikTok/@weirdjaime

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