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People Divided Over Dad's 'Essential Item' In Labour Ward

People Divided Over Dad's 'Essential Item' In Labour Ward

Would you let your partner to do this?

An expecting father has caused some controversy on TikTok after bringing a gaming console to the labour ward for his partner's 21-hour induction.

The video, posted by @amberskxtt, shows the soon-to-be-father with an entire gaming setup - TV and headset included.

She wrote: "My boyfriend brought his entire gaming system to the hospital during my 21-hour long induction"

The TikTok has racked up 1.6 million views, 45,000 likes and 3,200 comments with viewers debating the gaming father's actions

"This literally infuriates me. You’re the one needing distraction from what’s about to come. 100% no! wrote one user.

"Wow red flag" commented another.

Some even went so far to suggest what this would mean for his parenting, with one user writing: "That’s exciting what he will be doing once the baby is born too. Gaming while you are taking care of all of the babies needs."

The clip has caused a bit of a controversy on the video sharing app (

It wasn't all criticism for the gamer though with some users quick to defend him.

"I mean what ya wanted him to do? Sit there for 21 hours staring at her? She was probably more entertained watching him play … I would be" commented one user.

Another agreed writing: "I mean I see no problem. 21 hours is a long time, and guess what people you can put a controller down when needed. so long as he gives her as much"

While a third added: "He won’t be the first or the last! Have seen this multiple times! Is he supposed to sit there staring at her"

Would you let your partner bring a gaming console to the labour ward? (

While the debate raged on in the comments, new mother-of-two Amber added: "It’s okay everyone. I wasn’t in any type of pain till 19 hours later when it was almost time for me to push. And for those 19 hours, I watched movies"

Despite Amber's comments the debate over the clip continues, with one user suggesting that Amber's boyfriend should have waited on her "hand and foot" for the 19 hours.

Others were quick to point out that she had a distraction - watching movies and TikToks - so he should be allowed his too.

Featured Image Credit: TikTok @amberskxtt

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