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Fitness influencer, 53, sparks controversy after working out in London cemetery

Fitness influencer, 53, sparks controversy after working out in London cemetery

Andrea Sunshine faced some backlash for her choice to work out in a cemetery

A fitness influencer has sparked some controversy after working out in a London cemetery.

Everyone has a place they like to work out. For some it's the gym, others prefer to go for a run in the park.

But Andrea Sunshine has chosen a rather unusual spot for her workout.

Instead of going for the gym or the park, however, she decided to work out in Brompton cemetery - which has displeased some visitors.

Andrea Sunshine said that people have tried to 'expel' her from the cemetery.

In an Instagram post which showed her working out in the cemetery, the 53-year-old influencer said: "I've been doing my typical run among the tombs in the cemetery near my house because, incredible as it may seem, that's where I'm feeling the best. It is a place of reflection, of breathing."

She then said that people had tried to 'expel her' but that she 'didn't care and continued with her activities'.

And, on one occasion, someone even chased after Sunshine to complain.

She told the Daily Star: "The guy came towards me and stopped me - I thought it was an emergency - but it was really a complaint.

"I turned around and kept running, and he chased after me, complaining.

"I was listening to loud music on my headphones. I continued with my race and did not stop until he gave up."

And it's not the first cemetery that she has used for her exercise, as she said that she has been using cemeteries in the Netherlands, US, Bosnia and Norway to exercise for years.

But this particular one is in a convenient location for her, as she said: "This particular cemetery is in the way of my gym.

The influencer has also urged others to do the same.

"So I always go in to do some cardio. The place is beautiful, and at this time of year, here in London, it is even more beautiful."

Sunshine added: "I've always liked cemeteries - I run alone and I'm not usually afraid of anything.

"I am afraid of those who are alive."

She later told the outlet Virgula: "The cemetery is always full, there are even people working from home. I brought a lot of light to the place."

And despite the negative reception from others visiting the cemetery, she has no intention of stopping her cemetery workouts and thinks that more people should make use of the cemetery for exercising.

Sunshine wrote in her Instagram post: "Despite the crooked looks, I continue to encourage you to do your training there, among the tombs.

"I, unlike most, find peace among the dead. Just try to do this and you will feel an inexplicable peace."

Featured Image Credit: Instagram/@andrea__sunshinee

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