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Viewers Shocked At How This TikTok User Cleans Her Ears Out

Viewers Shocked At How This TikTok User Cleans Her Ears Out

We spoke to an expert about whether this is safe.

This TikTok user shared how she “properly” cleans out her ears and viewers are shocked at the potentially dangerous method.

Check out what they suggested to do below:

As you can see in the clip, cotton buds are a thing of the past (and rightly so).

TikTok user @ayishafrita suggests pouring hydrogen peroxide into your ear to the point where it starts to froth.

Viewers were fearful of the safety of this advice, urging people not to follow the video creator’s advice.

One commenter said that past experience had made them know better: “Nooooooo!!!! This is dangerous I did this years ago and it destroyed my ear to this day. I have to deal with painful, sore, itchy ears everyday”.

Viewers were shocked that this was being given as advice (

Another person also mentioned how they had also used this method in the past: “Girl let me tell you! I would do this as a young girl because I liked the fizzy sound! Now I never have ear wax. Technically we need ear wax.”

One viewer simply stated an alternative way to safely clean your ears: “Alright so... no, that is not how you properly clean your ears, you are supposed to clean it with a cloth made of cotton without pushing inside...”.

“No dilute it with water. Hydrogen itself is too strong n eventually will cause ear infections,” suggested another.

She poured the solution in to "separate" the ear wax (

Tyla spoke to Gordon Harrison, chief audiologist at Specsavers, about this method for cleaning out your ears.

He says: "Your ears are designed to be self-cleaning and will normally produce enough earwax to prevent problems occurring, and make its way out of the ear, completely on its own.

"Hydrogen peroxide is the primary component in many eardrop solutions. Following the instructions of ear drops provided by your doctor it can help to remove the build-up of excessive wax by softening it.

The TikTokker showed the ear when it started bubbling (

“However, there are significant dangers to using the substance in your ear. Side effects can include; pain in the ear, temporary hearing loss, dizziness and tinnitus. For those with an ear injury it may also cause infection or further pain.  If you are concerned you should discuss with your GP, pharmacist or audiologist who can properly advise you, it is never advisable to try removal on your own.”

Featured Image Credit: TikTok/ayishafrita

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