People Are Going Mad For Glass Gem Corn

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People Are Going Mad For Glass Gem Corn

Have you heard of glass gem corn? Us neither! But the incredible variety of corn on the cob is being shared all over social media and we are obsessed.

It's exactly the same as the normal variety, but instead of yellow corn, think glistening, multicoloured nuggets of corn instead. They really are so dreamy - take a look for yourself.


We first spotted the corn from TikToker @islandgardenstead who shared the most incredible home grown glass gem corn on her page.


"This year I grew glass gem corn in my three sisters garden and man was it worth the wait!" She wrote.

"I've only opened a few cobs so far but each one is like unwrapping a gift."

According to @islandgardenstead, the corn is edible, but isn't mega sweet, so she decided to use for popcorn.

And other people have been sharing their experiences too, with the magical rainbow crops all over Instagram.



And people are obsessed with the whimsical food, with many pointing out they look like Skittles or jelly beans.

One person wrote: "How and why does this look so amazing!"


While another said: "Is this how jelly beans are grown?"

And a third added: "Never knew this was a thing, absolutely amazing!"

"Not me crying over beautiful corn," added another.

People are obsessed with the colourful corn (Credit: TikTok/@islandgardenstead)
People are obsessed with the colourful corn (Credit: TikTok/@islandgardenstead)

So how do you go about growing glass gem corn?

Well, we've spotted some online shops on Etsy selling the seeds, which is the first thing you'll need!

VirginiaFreeForm - based in the US - sells corn seed packets for £4.60 each.

They advise: "Greg Schoen, the botanist who ultimately created the Glass Gem corn varieties, recommends growing them in rows that are 30 inches apart.

"In each row, leave a gap of 6-12 inches. He says that you can also cluster 3-4 seeds in a hole, and leave a gap between clusters of 3-4 feet. Plant in the spring when the soil reaches at least 60°F/15.5°C. Plant in full sun and ensure the area is protected from wind. Corn will begin to grow in a week or two."

They also advise providing the corn with around an inch of water per week - be careful not to give them too much.

To harvest, remove husks from the stalk and twist the husk while pulling downward.

We can't wait to try this! You can snap them up here.

Featured Image Credit: TikTok/@islandgardenstead

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