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Tyla Bakes: People Are Making Kinder Crepe Rolls And They Look Amazing

Tyla Bakes: People Are Making Kinder Crepe Rolls And They Look Amazing

We're grabbing a plateful.

The only thing we love more than making ourselves a sweet treat is making one that is easy to do.

Which is why these TikTok Kinder Crepe Rolls are perfect for us lazy chocolate lovers. It’s super quick and super simple!

Watch below to see how it’s made:

The instructions first of all tell you to make your crepe, making sure to flip over in the pan once it’s no longer wet on top, and cook on the other side.

Removing it from the pan, you then fold it in half and add a Kinder bar near one end. You then roll it up tightly so that your Kinder bar is encased in pancake.

For some extra finesse at the end, simply drizzle over some Nutella, because you can never have too much chocolate.

These Kinder Crepe Rolls are super easy to make (

And people are loving it.

One person enthusiastically commented: “I JUST ATE AND NOW YOU'RE MAKING ME MORE HUNGRY”.

Someone else with slightly less energy simply put: “Woo hoo yummy”.

Another TikTok user also made a tempting suggestion: “Add Nutella on it before you fold it in half trust me”.

These look so gooey and good (

If this still isn’t enough chocolate for you, how about washing your crepe rolls down with a Kinder Bueno cocktail too?

The recipe was pioneered by TikTok user @Antscockys, real name Ant Morley, who came up with the idea after it was suggested online.

"I've always LOVED Kinder Buenos, so had to make a cocktail based around it," he said. "I genuinely just came up with a recipe one day and it tasted amazing so went with it.

"I also knew people loved Kinder Buenos so naturally it went down quite well online!"

To make the sugary tipple, all you need to do is fill up a tall glass with ice, before filling it with 50 mls of Baileys and a 25 ml splash of Kahula.

You then add 25ml of salted caramel, 50ml of semi-skimmed milk before you turn to the good stuff - the inside of a Kinder Bueno.

Whack all of that into a shaker and give it decent rattle before pouring it all into a cocktail glass. If you're feeling particularly boujie, you can garnish with another stick of Kinder Bueno.

Featured Image Credit: TikTok/fitwaffle

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