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People Are Now Making Pasta Chips In Air Fryers

People Are Now Making Pasta Chips In Air Fryers

Tbf, these look delicious.

There’s always a new recipe going viral on TikTok. But these pasta chips are truly taking the app by storm.

You start off by normally just cooking your pasta (pick your fave shape - it doesn’t matter what you choose) and then drain and dry off the pasta.

People are going wild for these pasta chips (

You then have to fry the pasta so that they can become crunchy and morph into the ultimate snack. People have taken to air fryers so that the drying step isn’t as crucial and to get the perfect crunch to their snacks.

You can also get mega creative with the dip and coating sauces for your pasta chips, so that you can add those extra layers of flavour.

This video from @dishesbydaisy shows you how to make sun-dried tomato pesto fried pasta chips alongside a creamy dip made from pesto, cream cheese and basil.

Someone in the comments asked this all-important question: “What if u don't have an air fryer? Is there another way to cook them?"

A TikTok user replied: “An oven 180° for around 20 minutes!!!”. The original creator also said that baking and frying are alternative options so don’t worry if you don’t have access to an air fryer right now.

One user replied to the video: “Woah! Ur version looks incredible! Gotta try!”

Another commented: “I'm gonna make gluten free pasta chips for my mother in law.”

“I would finish the entire bowl so fast”, said one fan of the dish. The creator agreed: “Anything with pasta gets demolished quickly”.

Don't worry if you haven't got an air fryer though, there are other methods you can try(

Other videos have showed different ways to cook your pasta chips. This TikTok user was at the beginning of the trend, using a deep fat fryer rather than an air fryer. Check out the video below:

Some people were sceptical as one user explained: “Something about fryin pasta does not feel right”.

However, others were more on board with the snack extravaganza.

“I'd fully try this”, declared one commenter.

Someone even said: “Gordan Ramsay be proud of u”.

Others also had suggestions on how to elevate the recipe. One TikTok user recommended: “Try these with spinach dip, it's top tier”.

So if you want to try a new, crunchy snack, give these pasta chips a go! Experiment with dips and coating sauces to find your perfect version too.

Featured Image Credit: TikTok/dishesbydaisy/nick.digiovanni

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