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Shocking Moment A Live Frog Hops Out Of Aldi Salad Packet

Shocking Moment A Live Frog Hops Out Of Aldi Salad Packet

The woman vows to never buy spinach again.

This woman had a shock when she went to open her bag of salad and found more than just spinach leaves.

When she opened the supermarket salad bag to prepare a meal, a live frog jumped out of the bag and into the kitchen sink.

Check out the video below to see what happened.

The event took place on 29th June 2021, when this woman's dinner gave her the ultimate surprise.

In the video, the woman zooms in on the well-camouflaged frog in the kitchen sink alongside a lone spinach leaf, before panning over to the empty Aldi salad bag on the worktop and a container full of spinach leaves in the neighbouring sink.

The 40-year-old, from West Lothian, Scotland, was preparing a meal for her family where she decided to use a £1.90 bag of Aldi spinach. She washed the spinach leaves and then says she saw the frog had hopped into the basin of the kitchen sink.

The mother-of-four called on her family for help before filming the incident on her phone to capture the surprising event.

The live frog was in a bag of spinach the woman had bought from Aldi (

As the video shows, the dark green frog seems happy sitting in the Scottish family's kitchen sink, fitting on the plug cover. For comparison, it’s roughly the size of the spinach leaf next to it.

A few hours later, the family then helped to release the frog outside.

The woman who experienced this told said: “I'm horrified. I am never buying anything from Aldi again - or spinach in general."

The family released the frog outside after finding it (

Her daughter, 22, also said: “My mum got the fright of her life. It was just hopping up and down.

"She hadn't noticed the frog at first. It was so small you could fit it in your palm. She emptied the contents of the spinach in a bowl to wash it. Then it hopped out into the sink.

"We left in there for a few hours before taking it outside."

A spokesperson for the supermarket chain Aldi commented on the incident: “While extremely rare, issues like this are possible with products grown outdoors in natural conditions.

"We have apologised and offered the customer a full refund.”

Featured Image Credit: SWNS

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