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You Can Now Buy Kinder Bueno Flavoured Sausages And We're Confused

You Can Now Buy Kinder Bueno Flavoured Sausages And We're Confused

This is one food combination we never expected to see.

A new unusual food combination has been discovered and we honestly don't know what to think.

Courtesy of the Ireland-based Larmers Butchers, chocoholics and meat lovers and pick up Kinder Bueno flavoured pork sausages.

A butchers in Ireland is selling Kinder Bueno sausages (

It's the combo we never knew we needed (and we still aren't sure, tbh...)

An image of their creation was shared on their official Facebook page, claiming that the chocolatey sausages would be great for children.

The caption reads: "All our sausages are made here in store and these are actually lovely don’t knock them till you try."

While some commenters were completely turned off by the idea of eating pork and chocolate in one, others had a more open minded approach.

Ever fancied chocolatey sausages? Now's your chance (

"Is this made with Bueno? Or made from pigs that eat nothing but Buenos?" one person joked in the comments.

Aa another concerned customer said: "The combination doesn't sound right together."

A third commenter was more enthusiastic, writing: "I need to try these."

Larmers Butchers is a third generation family butchers run by father and son Eugene and Stephen Larmer in Newbliss, County Monaghan. “We’re always playing with new unique flavours for our sausages,” a spokesperson from Larmers Butchers told Tyla. “We rerun our usual, most popular flavours every week and also have two specialty flavours that we change every week.

"This just happened to be the one that blew up!”

The core recipe begins with their original pork sausage mixture with crushed up bueno added to the mix and the butchers are shocked by how popular their invention has become. “A whole [Kinder Bueno] bar is added. Surprisingly, they have been flying out the door!”

A whole Kinder Bueno bar is used for the mixture (

So, where did the inspiration come from? "The idea came from our Sunday morning breakfasts at home consisting of pancakes and sausages where Stephen’s two boys would often have a sausage rolled up in a pancake with Nutella.

"Believe it or not the chocolate really compliments the pork in the sausage, so we decided to mix the two, and they came out exceptionally well! 

"And of course, keeping up with the trend of adding Bueno to ice cream, milkshakes, we decided why not sausages too?

Customers looking to try the Kinder Bueno sausages can buy 2lb for €6.00 (£5.13). Larmers Butchers has also organised DPD deliveries of the sausages to the UK to due huge demand.

Featured Image Credit: Larmers Butchers/Facebook

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