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You Can Now Buy An Iced Coffee Maker From B&M

You Can Now Buy An Iced Coffee Maker From B&M

And it’s a bargain.

Summer is here, and we are ready to chug ourselves silly full of iced coffee - because a frappuccino hits differently when the sun is out.

But now, we don’t have to literally bankrupt ourselves by heading down to Starbucks every five minutes, as B&M is selling its very own iced coffee maker – and at a bargain price.

The Breville iced coffee maker is now available from the bargain store for just £35 – a whole £5 cheaper than its usual asking price of £39.99.

You can now make your own iced coffee from home (

The discounted machine brews a delicious frosty coffee in just under four minutes – and you can make your drinks fully customisable. Yep, move over, Starbucks.

The Breville system is super easy to use. Coming complete with a super easy measuring system and a small scoop included, you can easily brew the perfect ratio of hot coffee over a full tumbler of ice without watering it down, so you get your perfect cup of (cold) joe on each go.

To use the machine you just add water and coffee grounds, then bung some ice cubes in, and wait for it to brew.

The Breville machine is super easy to use (

Of course, brewing your own iced coffee allows for it to be fully customisable, meaning we can add a few cheeky extra treats and vanilla flavourings free of charge.

That’s not all – the Breville Iced coffee maker comes with a healthy sized 600ml tumbler – its double wall insulation means drinks stay cooler for longer – and there’s a drip-stop function to prevent any spillages while on the move.

It also includes a lid and straw, and a reusable nylon coffee filter, so there's no need for paper filters (making things just a little bit cheaper!).

Enjoy your cold brews on the go (

And with cold brews from coffee shops often costing around £3 a pop, the iced coffee machine literally pays for itself after ten uses! What’s not to like?

If this is up your street, then be sure to pop into B&M and grab the machine while you still can.

But with things being of limited stock, and this deal being pretty darn good, we recommend you go sooner rather than later.

Featured Image Credit: Shutterstock

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