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Woman 'blown away' by bargain 'magic bag' from M&S

Woman 'blown away' by bargain 'magic bag' from M&S

Facebook users are very impressed with this woman's 'magic bag' from M&S which is filled with goodies

A woman has taken to Facebook to share how she was ‘blown away’ by the bargain ‘magic bag’ she picked up from M&S.

If you haven’t heard about the ‘magic bag’ but are always on the lookout for bargains and a chance to take part in a good cause, look no further.

The woman posted a picture of her bag from M&S on Facebook on Monday (30 October) along with the caption: “I’m blown away by the M&S magic bag I got by luck of having enough time to check it out before my train left. I got it from the new M&S food in Waterloo!”

The post has gone viral on social media, with over 1,000 reactions so far.

The picture shows a paper carrier bag filled with ready meals, including chicken jalfrezi, potato croquettes and other treats.

While it may just look like any other bag of shopping, trust us when we say it’s not.

Take a look at this impressive 'magic bag'.

Fellow Facebook users took to the comments to ask about the ‘magic bag’ and how it works.

Emma, the woman who posted the picture on Facebook, revealed the got the bag thanks to the Too Good To Go app, which lets you save unsold food from being thrown away.

Food waste is a massive problem and the public can help solve the issue of what to do with surplus unsold food from restaurants and supermarkets by barely breaking a sweat.

The app typically works by putting you in contact with local food spots. Once you download the app and put in your address, it brings up all the location that offer bags of unsold food, You then pay for whatever you want and collect your bag at the time allocated to you.

Social media users are beyond happy with the bag and are planning get their own.

The woman uses the Too Good To Go app.

If you look closely at the food in Emma’s bag, all the food items have yellow ‘reduced’ stickers on them.

“That’s amazing! I wish the M&S near me did magic bags. I’d love to get all that stuff,” one Facebook user said.

Someone else wrote: “M&S bags near us are always very good. Enjoy.”

A third user shared: “Wow! Well done you Emma! M&S bags are amazing when you can get them. We’ve had a few from a Simply Food at a motorway services a few miles away and they’re always great value with good stuff.

"Unfortunately (and not a bad thing, as it means there’s no food waste), they often cancel on us. I always try though, and we do get lucky from time to time.”

Featured Image Credit: Oli Scarff/Getty Images/Facebook/Emma Louise Jennings

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