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People are only just finding out hack to cut a cucumber in 10 seconds

Jess Hardiman

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People are only just finding out hack to cut a cucumber in 10 seconds

Featured Image Credit: TikTok/@jennafraser

People are only just finding out an amazing hack that allows you dice up a cucumber in a matter of seconds, ready to throw into a salad.

These days, it seems daft to waste time peeling, slicing and chopping when there are nifty tricks to help speed things up – like this cucumber hack:


TikToker Jenna Fraser (@jennafraser) posted a video of the hack in action online, saying: “I feel like this is a life hack that everyone needs to know.”

In the caption, she added: “Since a few people said they didn’t know this hack... here it is.”

The clip shows as Fraser slices a section of the cucumber lengthways to create two halves, before spinning it around and doing it again to create quarters.

She repeats this until she has several batons of cucumber, still attached to the main body of the vegetable.

The first stage. Credit: TikTok/@jennafraser
The first stage. Credit: TikTok/@jennafraser

Fraser then starts cutting vertically, slicing through the batons to create small chunks.

Hey presto! Tiny pieces of cucumber in half the time it would normally take.

The idea seemed to be a hit with many other TikTokers, racking up more than 227,000 likes and 2.1 million views.

"Today I learned...” one user commented.

Someone else wrote: “Why in my 32 years have I never thought to do this?”

A third said: “Why’ve I never thought of this?”

A fourth added: “This makes so much more sense!!”

Stage two. Credit: TikTok/@jennafraser
Stage two. Credit: TikTok/@jennafraser

But while the trick is something of a revelation to some, it seems many people already got the memo – asking how others didn’t know this already.

“I thought everyone knew this,” one said, with another agreeing: “Wait... People don’t know to do this?!”

Someone else wrote: “I thought everyone did this.”

Another added: “I don’t think this is a hack, I count this as basic common sense.”

Recently, another TikToker called @londalocs went viral for sharing a hack that would let others decorate their Christmas trees without having to splash out on expensive baubles.


She said: "Watch until the end best Christmas hack [sic]."

The video features a man looking at a Christmas tree in wonder, with the woman asking him - how much does he think she paid for the big ornaments?

The man speculates that they cost around $12.99 each, but she reveals that they were, in fact, almost free.

@londalocs then goes up to the tree to show that the large ornaments are actually some pretty lovely balloons.

"Now y'all go get your balloons," she says, before advising, "but make sure you get chrome balloons. It looks more real."

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Jess Hardiman
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