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Mum Shares Genius Hack To Save Leftover Christmas Wine

Mum Shares Genius Hack To Save Leftover Christmas Wine

Still fancy a drink?

Christmas is over, and if you’re anything like us, you made a good go of drinking all the booze you were gifted.

However, we were given so much alcohol this year, even we couldn’t polish off the lot (and trust me, we tried).

If you found yourself having cracked open one too many bottles of wine this festive season, there is a way to salvage your booze.

Lots of wine to go round this Christmas? (

One thoughtful TikTok user has revealed their simple trick to stop their wine going to waste, even if you don’t feel like drinking it right now (yes, we’re still hungover).

Taking to the video sharing platform, user @swanbranduk recommended not pouring your wine down the sink – but instead, putting them into ice cube trays.

After a couple of hours, your frozen wine cubes will be ready to be used in a number of ways.

While you could choose to nibble on it as a alcohol-infused ice lolly, they are really handy little cubes to use when cooking – perfect alternative to stock cubes and can be great when making sauces, gravies and hearty stews.

Because adding a splash of wine to anything can make it delicious.

In addition to booze, a lot of us will have stacks of leftover turkey and trimmings after a gut-busting Christmas.

But while your pet may be yearning for some of your dinner, it is vital you don’t give in to their puppy eyes and give them some as lots of festive food is highly toxic for dogs.

Tyla spoke to experts at Burgess Pet Care, who explained that festive food can be dangerous for dogs and can lead to vomiting and diarrhoea and, in some cases, seizures.

Avoid giving your pets leftovers (

Some elements of our Christmas dinner, such as turkey skin or pigs-in-blankets, can be too salty or fatty for pets to digest and, as such, can lead to severe stomach upsets or more serious conditions such as pancreatitis. So, no matter how yummy we find them, it's important to keep our pets away from these foods at Christmas.

You can see the full list of leftovers to avoid here.

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