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Viewers praise ‘brilliant’ psychological thriller that you can stream for free on ITV

Viewers praise ‘brilliant’ psychological thriller that you can stream for free on ITV

It stars a face you might recognise from a few other popular thriller series...

We’re always in the market for a gripping drama series to get stuck into, having already worked our way through the best that Netflix, BBC iPlayer and others have to offer us.

But with so much to go at, there’s often a chance you miss out on some cracking watches, as they get lost in the noise of other titles.

It wasn’t long ago that we were all talking about Baby Reindeer, and we’re sure many of you can remember the buzz from the sensation that was Fool Me Once, which got 2024 off to a strong TV start.

It stars Cush Jumbo, a face you may recognise from Stay Close. (BritBox)
It stars Cush Jumbo, a face you may recognise from Stay Close. (BritBox)

But the joy of streaming means that, while the hype sometimes comes and goes, a whole library of great TV shows are just sat there, waiting for us whenever we’re ready.

One ‘brilliant’ psychological thriller was recently added to a new streaming platform after first hooking fans in back in 2021.

It was initially released via BritBox in the UK and AMC in the US, but it's now been added to ITVX, meaning anyone with a free account can watch.

And because it’s been out previously, thankfully we’ve already got an 86 percent critics score on Rotten Tomatoes behind it to rely on. Take a look:

Starring Cush Jumbo (a face you might recognise from Harlan Coben’s Stay Close and Deadwater Fell, among others) and Jared Harris, ‘gripping revenge thriller’ The Beast Must Die follows a grieving mother as she seeks justice ‘at any cost’, while a detective races to unpick the web of tragedy.

The series, which is set on the Isle of Wight, also features the likes of Geraldine James, Nathaniel Parker, Maeve Dermody, Mia Tomlinson and Barney Sayburn.

Tweeting about the show recently, one fan wrote: “Found another good watch, on ITVX, The Beast must Die, if you haven’t seen it, it’s coming to ITV soon.”

Someone else said the thriller boasted a ‘good cast’, while a third added: “I can’t believe how underrated the beast must die is.”

Critics heaped the show with praise. (BritBox)
Critics heaped the show with praise. (BritBox)

Critics have also previously sung its praises, with The Guardian’s Lucy Mangan saying the drama ‘sets the bar pleasingly high, with a stellar cast giving uniformly great performances’.

Observer critic Euan Ferguson said it was a ‘quite splendid piece of commissioning’, and David Craig of the Radio Times also gushed: “This is another powerhouse turn from Cush Jumbo, whose performance is frequently heartbreaking but far from one-note.”

Stream The Beast Must Die on ITVX now.

Featured Image Credit: BritBox

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