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Stacey Solomon left livid by 'bone idle' husband over cluttered house on Sort Your Life Out

Stacey Solomon left livid by 'bone idle' husband over cluttered house on Sort Your Life Out

The Loose Women panellist appeared to lose her rag

Whilst it may look as though Stacey Solomon boasts the calm and collected demeanour needed to front a prime-time house-clearing BBC show, the TV star appeared to lose her rag with one particular contestant this week.

During last night's instalment of her self-hosted series Sort Your Life Out, the 34-year-old presenter was seen 'ready to swing' at a husband after witnessing his negligence when it came to helping maintain the upkeep of their home.

For those unfamiliar with the hit series, Loose Women panelist and her 'crack team' of expert 'de-clutterers' hop around the UK in the hope of transforming the homes of families that need a helping hand.

Stacey helps bogged-down mums and dads all over the country throw out the items they've hoarded for years and years, helping them to feel refreshed and start anew.

And whilst the vast majority of lucky contestants on the show are quick to express their gratitude at the assistance that Stacey and her team are willing to offer, one contestant left viewers shocked after exhibiting 'bone idle' behaviour.

The BBC team headed up to Scotland with the aim of helping a chaos-fuelled household - complete with three young children - bring the calm to their home.

Stacey Solomon appeared enraged at one particular participant.

Mum Charlie explained that she works full-time, whilst her husband Keith looks after their children.

She quickly added, however, that Keith barely does any of the housework whilst she's out, insisting that their kids are such a handful that the home compiles clutter - including mountains of toys and clothes - in the blink of an eye.

The former X Factor star expressed her concern over the environment in which the children were being raised, after the team discovered 131 pairs of shoes, 29 tins of paint, 30 remote controls, 22 toothbrushes and 500 baby-based items.

Upon also counting 144 t-shirts belonging to Keith, Stacey asked if he wanted to know what she thought on the matter, to which he bluntly responded: "Not really."

The host then hit back: "I think that if we go to between 12 and 15 that is more than enough t-shirts."

And after recovering a t-shirt which read, 'Your mum would love me', she was left further visibly unimpressed when he told her: "That was my pulling t-shirt but it never worked."

Keith has been slammed by BBC viewers.

"Come on Keith, you're better than that," she snapped back, appearing totally unamused.

And it wasn't just us that picked up on the rage that appeared to emanate from Stacey during the exchange, after hundreds of viewers took to social media to slam Keith for his rude behaviour.

"Keith is really testing even Stacey's patience #sortyourlifeout," one wrote.

Another hit out: "Stacey is ready to swing for him".

A third said: "Stay at home dad. Stay at home and do nothing. He's bone idle while that poor woman and new mum goes to work."

In the show, Keith revealed that he had filed for bankruptcy after losing his job in the recession and admitted that he knew it was 'causing a strain' on his wife mentally and emotionally, adding: "It's always hard to admit you need help with anything."

However, the couple were delighted by the changes made by Stacey and her team, including emptying their clutter-filled bedrooms and turning the conservatory into a playroom.

Keith said: "I got into bad habits but I now generally put things in their place and I remember where I put them."

Featured Image Credit: Credit: BBC

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