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ITV viewers ‘can’t sleep’ as they are left 'hooked' on bingeworthy new thriller

ITV viewers ‘can’t sleep’ as they are left 'hooked' on bingeworthy new thriller

The new series has viewers gripped

Viewers have been obsessed with ITV's newest drama - with some even staying up all night to binge watch it all.

So if you want to catch it, it might be best to clear your diaries for a night.

The new drama, which premiered on 21 April on ITV1 and ITVX, stars Fool Me Once's Richard Armitage as Matthew Nolan, a British doctor who has been accused of murdering a woman whilst on a business trip to Hong Kong.

This new ITV drama has viewers hooked (ITV)
This new ITV drama has viewers hooked (ITV)

As a result, he is being sent back on the last flight of the day - after having just landed in London.

Hence the title; Red Eye - with it being a term used to describe overnight flights.

Keeping an eye on him is DC Hana Li (played by Jing Lusi), even though she wants nothing to do with him.

But of course, the plot begins to thicken and the pair are forced to work together - and people are 'hooked'.

You can watch the trailer here:

And these viewers took to X to share their reactions, as one person wrote: "Brilliant so far - worth a watch."

"I didn’t sleep until two o’clock in the morning, but I watched until the most magnificent ending. Intense, exciting and captivating," another said.

While a third viewer said the show 'got me hooked'.

For one viewer, The Hobbit star was a big selling point as they tweeted: "Richard Armitage", alongside a love heart eyed emoji.

And another remarked: "‘This #redeye is amazing. Obv I’ve gone straight to itvx to binge watch the whole series.

"Who needs sleep anyway?"

Ironically, you could be getting some shut eye if you were on an actual red eye flight.

But I digress.

People are loving it. (ITV)
People are loving it. (ITV)

The series itself was partly filmed in Stansted Airport, and in the first episode, Matthew stands on a high surface and begs for help from the general public.

You might they would have just brought in a ton of actors to play the part of travellers.

Not necessarily so - as plenty of the people in the scene were heading on holiday and thought an actual arrest was really going down.

Speaking to Metro, Armitage said: "Some people were running into WHSmith going: 'There’s a man being arrested'.

"I’d gone into a zone. You’re hyper-aware but also just focused on getting in, and getting out quickly.

"In a big packed room like that, getting out after they’ve yelled 'cut' is my instinct. I had to go find somewhere to hide."

Red Eye is available to stream on ITVX, and new episodes will air each Sunday at 9pm on ITV1.

Featured Image Credit: ITV

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