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Married At First Sight's Peggy and Georges confirm they're still together and have 'exciting news'

Married At First Sight's Peggy and Georges confirm they're still together and have 'exciting news'

The couple made the announcement on Instagram

When it comes to unique social experiments being played out on television, Married At First Sight ranks up there as one of the most unusual.

On the face of it, marrying a complete stranger should bear no long lasting rewards.

But one couple have confirmed that they are still hitched after the show's conclusion.

Peggy Rose Lawrence and Georges Berthonneau tied the knot on the Channel 4 show earlier this year.

The two have since confirmed on social media that they remain a married couple.

The couple released a statement regarding their relationship.

In a joint statement shared to Instagram, the couple said: "CONFIRMED: We’re still together! We held back on sharing and smothering socials to give ourselves some much needed quality time post the show end.

"Although we are in a relationship, we still have our own identity and individuality - that’s what makes us so strong. As cliche as this sounds, we want to thank you all for your patience - it hasn’t been easy, but sharing our journey with you means the world as your ongoing love and support are everything to us."

The couple made an announcement.

In addition to this, the pair announced that they would be launching a joint Instagram account.

This means fans will be able to follow along with their post-MAFS lives.

The account, which is called 'teamgeggy' has already accumulated more than 27,000 followers - although no posts have been shared as of yet.

During their time on the reality show, the couple were open about their struggles with intimacy and career prospects.

Peggy felt she was more reluctant to be intimate than her new husband, which made Georges feel like he wasn't 'good enough' for her.

Speaking on the show, Peggy said: "We've had so many obstacles and we've got through them all stronger than ever, but intimacy has not progressed, there are a few things that put me off Georges."

"You can't put a date on when you have sex with someone."

Peggy and Georges had their ups and downs on the show.
Instagram/@georgesbert/Channel 4

Fans expressed their joy that the couple were sticking by each other after the cameras had stopped filming.

Taking to the comments section of their post, one supporter gushed: "How wonderful. This really is a fairy-tale and you’ve beaten all the odds. Wonderful post to read for me as I’ve had such a bad year and can’t wait for it to be over. Wishing you eternal happiness."

Another added: "Backed you both from the start.. both stayed true to yourself and your live has just grown and grown."

While a third fan said: "So happy for you both, I can honestly say I didn’t think Georges was for you. But wow his growth was amazing to watch. Good luck to you both. Loved watching your story, obviously we all want to know have you done the deed yet."

Featured Image Credit: Instagram/@peggyroseofficial

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