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Revealed: The Married At First Sight UK couples that are still together following show final

Revealed: The Married At First Sight UK couples that are still together following show final

Which E4 stars managed to survive the chaotic reunion dinner party?

Is anyone else still utterly SHOOK by the events of last night's Married At First Sight UK grand finale?

How they managed to jam-pack all of that drama, those tears, that screaming into one episode still blows my mind.

It came out that Jordan had allegedly cheated on his 'wife' Erica, JJ and Ella became extremely cosy - despite calling it quits the episode prior - and Jay and Luke endured a tear-jerking heart-to-heart after being forced to leave MAFSUK early following Luke and Jordan's physical altercation.

Whilst some friendships were mended, other hearts were broken, and we'll officially have to wait another year for a brand new batch of singletons to try their hand at finding 'the One' through these unconventional means.

What we can reveal for now, however, is that only three of the twelve couples from the 2023 series - which was filmed earlier this year - have managed to survive the chaos of the reunion.

Five months after the filming of the show's eighth season concluded in May, nine couples have ended their marriages, and at least three contestants have moved on with new partners.

Tasha and Paul have continued supporting each other on social media.

Obviously, Brad and Shona are no longer together after his gaslighting and manipulative behaviour resulted in the couple being asked to leave the show.

Granted the couple, who entered the experiment as latecomers alongside Mark and Sean, have broken up.

It has unfortunately also been confirmed that Arthur and Laura's marriage ends in heartbreak.

Meanwhile, sparks flew when Paul and Tasha met on their wedding day, and during their Final Vows, the pair chose to remain in the relationship.

And Paul has continued to show his support to Tasha on social media, leading many fans to assume they're still together.

Peggy and Georges chose to stay together during the Final Vows.

It's also been confirmed that Peggy and Georges are still together. At their Final Vows, they both opted to continue their relationship, after which Georges posted a sweet tribute to Peggy online.

"Life works in magical and mysterious ways," he wrote. "This must be the most mysterious of them. Today I give you me, my loud, confident, large personality & waist line."

Jordan and Erica have also come through the other end stronger than ever.

Posting across Instagram and TikTok, Erica shared some photos of them together with the caption: “Life after MAFS 💍🤍”. Jordan commented: “Never in doubt my beautiful girl.”

Matt Pilmoor and Shona Manderson have announced they've been secretly dating after being paired up with other people on the show.

"We were meant to go on those journeys to find each other."

In an interview with OK! Magazine, Shona said: “We have a really healthy, happy, safe, fun, relationship - I really appreciate Matt so much, it's what I deserve, we deserve each other.

“I'm proud to be his girlfriend and it just works.”

Explaining how they attempted to keep an element of privacy in their relationship while they were dating, she continued: “Matt would be driving and I would be in the back, we would be walking around Nottingham and I'd be all the way over there, we were like secret agents on a mission.”

Matt - who was paired with Adrienne Naylor on the show - added: “We had to do it, we had to be so careful.”

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