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Married At First Sight UK star Peggy looks unrecognisable during 'dippy' Take Me Out appearance

Married At First Sight UK star Peggy looks unrecognisable during 'dippy' Take Me Out appearance

The dating show star previously sought the help of Paddy McGuinness to find a partner

Back in the 2012, if you had your heart set on a saucy fling or a fairytale romance, you couldn't rely on the likes of Tinder or Hinge to find you a potential partner.

And for many hopeless romantics, a final resort at the time was to appear on Paddy McGuiness' relationship masterclass that was, Take Me Out.

So, when brunette bombshell Peggy Rose appeared on the show, desperately seeking her Prince Charming, viewers had their fingers crossed that Paddy would find the man for her.

Despite being matched up with Liverpool lad and football fanatic Andrew on the show, and subsequently whisked off to the breath-taking Isle of Fernando (otherwise known as Tenerife...), their initial chemistry on the show was short-lived.

Peggy on Take Me Out (far right).

Little did 19-year-old Peggy know however, that 11 years later, she'd make an appearance on arguably the most immensely-adored and hugely-addictive dating show in the country... Married at First Sight UK.

In the years since 'picky Peggy' - as nicknamed by Paddy himself - appeared on the ITV2 show, she has colossally transformed her aesthetic.

The now 32-year-old has swapped out her curly chocolate tresses for Rapunzel-esque golden locks, and appears to have given up the of-the-time black eyeliner.

As well as her looks, viewers of the ongoing series of MAFS UK have noticed an apparent difference in Peggy's personality after catching wind of her Take Me Out stint.

While dolphin spotting in the Mediterranean with then-beau Andrew, he branded her 'dippy' for her apparent level of intellect after she claimed to not know what dolphins look like.

Peggy is now a contestant on Married at First Sight UK.
Channel 4

Peggy insisted to Take Me Out viewers back in 2012: "I've never been on a boat before - we didn't know where we were going and as soon as I saw the dolphins I was in shock."

While on the date, she exclaimed: "They've got fins like a shark! Oh my god, they're like what you see in the movies, they actually go up and down."

Andrew then replied: "Peggy's quite dippy and I do like that in a woman, I've always said that."

While appearing on MAFS UK however - during which she was paired up with 'husband' Georges Berthonneau - Peggy, who is now a Technology Risk Partner, has made a few claims that she's in fact something of a geek.

And after her controversial comments on the current show about Georges about 'having a brain', fans of the show who have fallen witness to the resurfaced 2012 clip have also called her own intelligence into question.

Peggy looks entirely different 11 years on.

"Naww the cheek of her tapping Georges head about having a brain and she's out here shocked that dolphins have 'fins like a shark' and they 'go up and down'," one viewer wrote on X.

Many fans of the show also noticed a difference in how anti-PDA Peggy is now with hubby Georges, compared to how she acted with ex Andrew in Fernandos.

After then-teenager Penny enjoyed a round of tonsil tennis with Scouse hunk Andrew on Take Me Out, she told viewers: "When Andrew kissed me, at first I was like, woah! Hold on a minute! What's your name again? But I weren't stopping him, I weren't gonna stop him either you know. Carry on!"

After watching the resurfaced clip, one MAFS UK fan speculated: "Well she’s kissed this guy more on the first date than she has the whole time she’s been married to Georges it seems! Maybe she really doesn’t fancy Georges, which is why the intimacy isn’t progressing."

Featured Image Credit: ITV

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