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MAFS Australia’s Lucinda Light reveals heartbreaking financial situation before going on show

MAFS Australia’s Lucinda Light reveals heartbreaking financial situation before going on show

Lucinda Light was married to Timothy Smith on the Australian reality dating show

The 11th season of Married At First Sight: Australia came and went like a whirlwind, and we're still learning more about the cast - with Lucinda Light revealing she was 'broke' before filming.

The reality TV dating show that has taken the public by storm pretty much gives it all away in the name - two strangers get 'locked in' by relationship experts, then they meet for the first time at an altar and exchange vows.

They then have to navigate being married to someone they barely know and work out if they are a good couple - and crucially, whether they'll renew their vows at the end of it.

Naturally, there's drama aplenty as they meet the other couples and introduce each other to their families.

But people's judgements - both on the show and social media - aren't always right.

Season 11 couple Tori Adams and Jack Dunkley defied the odds.

Despite their fellow couples voicing their doubts that their relationship would last and many arguments about that, they have gone from strength to strength.

Jack recently commented on their future plans to have children, stating: "Tori and I are happy building the life we want to lead at the moment. Many things we wish to accomplish first. I've said two years."

Their fellow cast member, Lauren Dunn, wrote: "Proved us all wrong and i will shout it from the rooftops."

Lucinda was married to Timothy Smith on the show. (E4)
Lucinda was married to Timothy Smith on the show. (E4)

And it turns out that's not the only surprise we're learning about the most recent series.

Another contestant, Lucinda Light, was a fan favourite thanks to her down-to-earth personality and positive outlook.

The 43-year-old was paired up with Timothy Smith, and despite their hard work to find a spark, they ultimately called it quits and left the show.

Reflecting on her short marriage, she remarked to Nine: "I've explored it from every facet and angle and if he's decided the language of emotions and feelings aren't for him... what do you do with that?"

The marriage sadly wasn't to be. (Instagram/@lucindaslight)
The marriage sadly wasn't to be. (Instagram/@lucindaslight)

Social media shows the pair are now great friends.

Lucinda has opened up about her financial situation prior to her stint on Married At First Sight.

Taking to Instagram, she shared: "Last year, I was officially broke for the first time in my adult life & had to borrow money which didn’t feel good. It was incredibly stressful & getting ready for MAFS pushed me to my limit.

"There were many reasons for this: living in expensive Byron, dealing with Covid restrictions as an events person, managing the aftermath and health demands of a breakdown, the Northern Rivers floods, & preparing for MAFS. I had to dig deep, sell my beloved VW van & ask friends/designers for help.

"A massive shout-out to the talented friends & designers who helped enhance my wardrobe with fabulous pieces. I’m so grateful for each of you!"

It just goes to show you never know what another person is going through - but we're so happy she's doing better now!

Featured Image Credit: Nine Network/Instagram/@lucindaslight

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