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Emmerdale fans threaten to switch off after branding scene 'illegal'

Emmerdale fans threaten to switch off after branding scene 'illegal'

They've rushed to social media to share their thoughts on the episode

Last night's Emmerdale episode seemed to really rub some ITV viewers up the wrong way and they've not been shy in sharing their thoughts on the matter.

So much so that fans of the soap went as far as to threaten switching off after branding one particular scene 'illegal'.

Now, the episode saw the likes of Gail singing her heart out during a special karaoke session in the Woolpack alongside Mandy Dingle and Vanessa Woodfield.

Emmerdale viewers were not happy about the karaoke scene in last night's (5 March) episode.

Viewers have since rushed to social media to share their thoughts on the whole singing debacle, with one taking to X, formerly Twitter, to hit out: "Omg Gail!!! Shut up singing!"

A second penned: "Just had to leave the room to have my ears rearranged after that dubious karaoke performance!"

Meanwhile, a third joked: "We’ve had some noise complaints! From who? The viewers!"

"Karaoke, more like shut the f**k up," slammed a fourth, while a fifth chimed in: "This karaoke thing is cringe and annoying..."

Someone else wondered: "How did Vanessa get away with singing flat and everyone praising her?"

"Make it stop!" quipped another, while one user quipped: "Swirling needs to bust down the saloon doors and arrest Gail for crimes against music!"

And, a final X user offered: "I bet they all have really decent singing voices, but were told to sound crap by the show bosses."

Viewers rushed to social media to share their outrage.

Actor Michelle Hardwick, who plays Vanessa in the soap, previously teased fans about a possible love triangle for Vanessa, Suzy and Mary.

She shared: "Vanessa's back now and where we left it, relationship wise, we left it on a on a very positive note with Suzy. Even though they weren't together, they left and had a little kiss, it was all very lovely."

The star went on: "Obviously, Vanessa's coming back to the village and Vanessa is totally unaware of maybe a potential relationship between Suzy and Mary, who Vanessa sees as a mother figure.

"Vanessa is totally oblivious to this. I think Vanessa's going to try and maybe get her relationship back on track with Suzy, whether Suzy wants to or not, you know, we'll just have to wait and see."


Michelle came back to Emmerdale after previously leaving to go on maternity leave and, speaking of her return, she said: "It is absolutely fabulous.

"I've not realised how much I've actually missed the place. I'm loving it and it actually feels like I've never been away, even though it's 14 months. I was worried about not being able to learn lines but luckily they have gone back in."

Tyla has reached out to ITV for comment.

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