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'Addictive' new ITV thriller starring Fool Me Once's Richard Armitage starts this weekend

'Addictive' new ITV thriller starring Fool Me Once's Richard Armitage starts this weekend

Richard Armitage stars in a new ITV thriller that will keep you hooked.

A ‘brilliant’ new ITV thriller starring Fool Me Once's Richard Armitage is coming to our TV screens.

If you like your Sunday night dramas, then this is definitely something to have your eye on.

The Netflix series, Fool Me Once, was championed by viewers and landed in the top 10 - with some giving the series '10/10'.

Now, one of the show's leads is set to feature in the new brand-new thriller as Dr Matthew Nolan, who is arrested on suspicion of murder whilst on a business trip in Hong Kong.

You can watch the trailer here:

As well as Armitage, Red Eye also stars Jing Lusi as DC Hana Li, Jemma Moore as her sister and journalist journalist Jess Li and Lesley Sharp as MI5’s Madeline Delaney.

The series comes from production company Bad Wolf, who also produce Doctor Who, and has been billed by Polly Hill - ITV's Head of Drama - as 'a brilliantly addictive thriller with an international story'.

It follows the ‘collision of three worlds’ as the three woman are thrust into a 'life-threatening situation'.

And according to The Hobbit star, the show holds a lot of similarities with storylines that have been curated by Harlan Coben - whose work will be made into two more Netflix shows.

Talking to the RadioTimes, he said: “I do actually [see parallels], and mainly because it's the kind of show that I enjoy watching as well as participating in.

The show makes it's debut tonight. (ITV)
The show makes it's debut tonight. (ITV)

“Harlan works very much on that kind of page-turner, end of episode hook.

“He uses technology a lot to sort of unravel characters.

“And I think Peter [A Dowling, director] has done a similar thing with this.”

He added: “This is much more geopolitical. “Something that we recognise, the aeroplane scenario, the confinement, the locked room conceit, which creates a brilliant story.

“But again, the brilliant episode hooks that keep you watching - and actually, in an ITV show, you have to have segment hooks as well, so you've got four little hooks and then one big hook to bring you back next time.”

To the star, this series was a 'return' to his previous work on shows like Spooks but 'with a bit of Bourne and a bit of Mission: Impossible thrown in'.

"I think it kind of looks as big as a movie, but you've got six chunky episodes to enjoy.” he said.

You can watch the premier of Red Eye on ITV1 at 9pm on 21 April, and can stream every episode after the first one on ITVX.

Featured Image Credit: ITV

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