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Harry Potter fans spot 'hidden theme' in each movie's opening credits

Harry Potter fans spot 'hidden theme' in each movie's opening credits

The 'Easter egg' is hidden within the first two minutes of each movie

The festive season is FINALLY upon us, and that only means one thing...

That's right, it's officially the time to binge-watch the eight Harry Potter films back-to-back.

Despite the fact the widely-adored wizarding film franchise and J. K. Rowling book collection weren't intended to have an explicit association with Christmas, they've quickly become a staple for the colder months of the year.

And the eight flicks usually air across the final few days of advent, with the first movie Harry Potter and the Philosopher's Stone airing on ITV on Christmas Eve night year after year, and the last, Harry Potter and the Deathly Hallows: Part II, airing on New Years Eve.

And as fans of the magical blockbusters prepare for the series to return to our television screens, a group of eagle-eyed Potter-heads have noticed one specific Easter Egg hidden within each of the movies.

In fact, this 'hidden theme' is placed at the very beginning of every film, as it's actually in the credits.

The Harry Potter movies have become a Christmas staple.
Warner Bros.

These viewers noticed that the Warner Bros. logo in the opening scene darkens with each film.

They've also speculated that as the franchise's antagonist Voldemort grows stronger as the series continues - following his regeneration in the fourth movie, Harry Potter and the Goblet of Fire - the Wizarding World itself became bleaker.

And they believe that the change in colour scheme during the initial scene of each film symbolises this fear.

A snap of the ever-darkening movie introductions was shared on the Australian parenting and lifestyle brand Kidspot's Facebook page.

While some - potentially newer - fans of the franchise may not have known about the mysterious credits, others couldn't help but boast that they'd noticed the hidden theme the whole time.

The Warner Bros. logo gets darker and darker with each movie.
Kidspot/Warner Bros.

"Ah yeah cause each film gets darker in theme, was that not obvious to people?" one jibed.

Another added: "This was pretty common knowledge for any movie buff".

Speaking of Christmas movie Easter eggs, another group of festive fans are only 'just realising' how cheeky youngster Kevin McAllister first ends up forced to defend his home against a pair of villainous robbers alone after his family leave him behind in Home Alone.

In the 1990 movie, Kevin's (Macaulay Culkin) parents woke up late for their flight to Paris, their alarm clocks having been reset by the electricity cutting out.

Deathly Hallows
Deathly Hallows

They then had to rush out the house, perform a quick headcount of the children - unfortunately counting a neighbour and missing out Kevin - before rushing to catch their flight. Kevin also gets left behind in the sprint to the gate at the airport, distracted by his camera.

But it's none of these incidents which are the main factor in Kevin not making it on the same flight.

In the scene which takes place the night before the family's trip to the airport, milk is spilt over the family's passports and plane tickets after Kevin and his older brother Buzz get into a fight.

Of course, out of all the plane tickets which accidentally gets used in the clean-up, whose should it be but Kevin's.

After using a bunch of red napkins - Kevin's ticket concealed within - to wipe up the spillage, Kevin's plane ticket ends up discarded in the garbage.

Fans have only just noticed how Kevin ends up home alone.
20th Century Fox

You can spot the ticket in the bin in a brief camera shot which zooms in on the wet napkin mess.

However, not all viewers spotted the Easter egg until now and have since flocked to X gobsmacked over how they didn't realise the final nail-in-the-coffin and real reason Kevin didn't end up making his family's flight.

One user said: "Okay this is crazy lol and I'm sure people have found this Easter egg many times, but for me I just realized that in Home Alone, Kevin's dad accidentally threw away Kevin's plane ticket. Which explains how they didn't realize anyone was missing handing out tickets at the gate."

"I just noticed on home alone when they was eating pizza and Kevin started the fight with his brother, the dad threw Kevin plane ticket away im slow never noticed that," another wrote.

Featured Image Credit: Warner Bros

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