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Second series of crime thriller that’s the ‘best thing’ fans have ‘ever watched’ drops in UK

Second series of crime thriller that’s the ‘best thing’ fans have ‘ever watched’ drops in UK

Fans are on the edge of their seat

If you’re an OG Netflix fan, then you’ll know how many banging series they’ve been dishing out regularly.

From a '10/10' thriller to a movie that left viewers 'needing therapy', we’ve been especially treated to a few cheeky binge-worthy shows - and they’re so worth the wait.

Recently, we were all collectively at the edge of our seats when the streaming giant dropped The Asunta Case, a true-crime thriller that was released on 26 April.

Fans rave about this suspense thriller. (Sky)
Fans rave about this suspense thriller. (Sky)

The six-part series followed the real life case of couple Alfonso Basterra Camporro and Rosario Porto Ortega, who reported the disappearance of their daughter, Asunta Basterra Porto (born Fang Yong) on 21 September 2013.

But once viewers were finished, they had a hard time finding something just as gripping - and The Cleaning Lady has filled in that gap.

Fans have been left absolutely hooked by the '10/10' crime thriller - just as season two dropped in the UK.

The first season of the emotionally-driven character drama came out in 2022, and follows the character of Thony De La Rosa, a single parent, who becomes a cleaning lady for gangsters and criminals in order to provide for her child.

However, when police begin to investigate Rosa and certain chemicals she uses to clean up the messes, she soon finds herself in major trouble.

If that description peaks your interest, then you can watch the trailer here:

Now, viewers who are just finding it have been left on the edge of their seats - and they’ve not been shy about shouting from the rooftops about it either.

One person wrote: “Watched the whole of it, brilliant series," while another said they 'love this'.

And someone else said that it was ‘the best thing I’ve ever watched’.

While on X, one user penned: "Happy The Cleaning Lady Day. Excited for this episode they keep getting better this season."

"Watch The Cleaning Lady on Max/Hulu when I tell you it’s drama in every scene in every episode," gushed a second.

A third piped up: "I will give a 10/10 for the The Cleaning Lady."

"Watching a programme on Sky Witness called The Cleaning Lady," added a fourth. "Listen this programme is COLD."

Interested in giving it a go?

The Cleaning Lady is available to stream on Now and Sky.

Featured Image Credit: Sky

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