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Viewers ‘engrossed’ by ‘compelling’ and ‘intense’ new crime thriller on Channel 5

Viewers ‘engrossed’ by ‘compelling’ and ‘intense’ new crime thriller on Channel 5

The four-part thriller has had viewers on the edge of their seats following its first gripping episode

Viewers have been left on the edge of their seat following a nail-biting Channel 5 thriller which has been raking in all the praise after just one episode.

If there's one thing that's guaranteed to be a crowd pleaser, it's a good thriller.

It seems we just can't get enough of them.

For instance, we've had the likes of The Cleaning Lady, The Gathering, and The Turkish Detective to rave about.

And now there's a new thriller on the scene to get stuck into - The Night Caller.

The series debuted last night (7 July) and will air over the next three nights.

The four-part series is set in Liverpool and follows the story of subdued and isolated taxi driver Tony, who, in his loneliness, ends up creating an unhealthy parasocial relationship that borders on an obsession with a radio DJ.

Tony (Robert Glenister) is a cabbie who works night shifts as a result of losing his teaching career.

He rings into late night DJ Lawrence's (Sean Pertwee) show over the airwaves and is connected, so can confide in him.

Tony shares his sadness with Lawrence who proves to be a sympathetic ear, but Tony becomes overly reliant on Lawrence and begins to call in more and more often.

Now that viewers have had the opportunity to devour the first episode, the reviews are pouring in - and so far, they seem to be overwhelmingly positive.

Viewers are loving the Channel 5 thriller (Channel 5)
Viewers are loving the Channel 5 thriller (Channel 5)

Journalist Emily Watkins noted for inews that The Night Caller 'well paced, beautifully acted and aesthetically distinctive'.

Ian Hyland added for Yahoo Entertainment: "The Night Caller well and truly nails it — although you will no doubt find yourself yelling "Oh, as if!" on more than one occasion. The last time I found myself so on edge while watching a TV show was during this year’s final of The Traitors."

And people on social media are having their own say.

One person took to X to share their initial response, writing: "Watching "The Night Caller" on Ch5... Brilliant so far."

The show is in four parts (Channel 5)
The show is in four parts (Channel 5)

Another said: "Channel 5’s ‘The Night Caller’ great show, came across it by accident but safe to say I’m engrossed now!"

A third added: "Absolutely did stay up all night watching this British mini series called “The Night Caller.” Which had ever so handsome Sean Pertwee as a radio DJ. Oof I am IN LOVE! That voice gets to me. Good series."

And a fourth chimed: "It's been a long while since I've found a series I've been compelled to watch story wise but also loved the whole production value of the piece, camera, costume etc."

The Night Caller is available to stream on My5.

Featured Image Credit: Channel 5

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