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Channel 4 viewers praise incredible twist to 'excellent' new crime drama after binging entire series

Channel 4 viewers praise incredible twist to 'excellent' new crime drama after binging entire series

The gripping series is set in Liverpool and was produced by the same minds that brought us Line of Duty and Bodyguard

A brand new drama series has landed on Channel 4 and viewers are well and truly gripped.

The series, which is set in Liverpool, follows a group of teenagers as they juggle coming-of-age with the relentless nature of smartphones.

There's no wonder it's a hit, as it's been produced by the same minds behind Line of Duty and Bodyguard.

Producer Simon Heath has described the show as revolving around 'toxic teenagers - and their even more toxic parents'.

The series is called The Gathering, and the six-parter has been dubbed 'Skins with smartphones' by critics.

Watch the trailer here:

It stars Vinette Robinson of Boiling Point fame, who portrays the monstrous, overarching mother of Jessica, a gymnast who is talented but not hugely motivated.

The mysterious drama and thriller kicks off when a girl is attacked at a rave, her head being held underwater.

Ultimately, viewers must decipher who committed the heinous act - as of course, the perpetrator is one of the characters we meet on the show, who are all from a far-reaching range of backgrounds.

'What a twist'. (Channel 4)
'What a twist'. (Channel 4)

Show writer Helen Walsh noted: "One of the joys of adolescence is it's about striking out, having fun, and the latter stages are a transition period where teens should have self-determination, more autonomy. But it feels as if they're becoming very policed, especially in the physical world.

"And interestingly, the space they feel they have ownership of is the online world, which I find quite scary because that's a world that's not policed."

The first episode, which aired on Tuesday (14 May), has already proven to be a massive hit with viewers.

'A seriously good watch'. (Channel 4)
'A seriously good watch'. (Channel 4)

One person wrote on X, formerly known as Twitter: "I've now binged the whole of #thegathering the new @Channel4 drama, I'm not going to give any spoilers apart from "I NEVER SAW THAT COMING" what a twist."

Another person added: "A seriously good watch... I thought for a first screen role that Eva (Kelly) was great and has a big future ahead of her! And Warren as always was top drawer.. Looking out for local locations makes it even more watchable... Trying to resist binge watching."

A third wrote: "⁩Given the barriers that face women and the working class in the screen industry, it’s very timely that Writer/Director Helen Walsh has put class privilege front and centre in #TheGathering."

And a fourth added: "I can see some awards for The Gathering in the future. This is what British drama is all about!"

I know what I'll be binge watching tonight.

The Gathering is available to watch on All4.

Featured Image Credit: Channel 4

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