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Every way Bridgerton covered up Claudia Jessie’s broken wrist in season 3

Every way Bridgerton covered up Claudia Jessie’s broken wrist in season 3

The Netflix star opened up about how she became injured on set

If you've not yet managed to, then what better time than any to rattle through the latest season on Bridgerton than the bank holiday Monday?

Part one of season three of our favourite Regency-era drama finally dropped on Netflix earlier this month (16 May).

Since then, eagle-eyed fans of the 'ton, who have also been treated to a whole smattering of ultra steamy sex scenes have flooded in across the globe to share their theories on all things Bridgerton.

Now, so far, we've had some speculation over the bizarre reason why Lady Danbury uses a cane, a bunch of Lady Whistedown theories and a heap of analysis into a load of subtle details throughout the TV show.

And the latest bombshell has revealed every single way Bridgerton covered up Claudia Jessie’s broken wrist in season three.

Claudia, who stars as Eloise Bridgerton, opened up about the injury she sustained whilst filming the latest instalment of the period drama and detailed the great lengths the show's production crew went to make sure no one ever found out.

The 34-year-old actor appeared on The Late Show with Stephen Colbert earlier this month where she explained the crew had to fashion her a 'muff' to cover up the cast.

Behold, the 'summer muff'. (Netflix)
Behold, the 'summer muff'. (Netflix)

Any hawk-eyed viewers may have spotted Eloise wearing the cloth accessory on her wrists during the programme, which her character would have used at the time to 'warm her hands' during the chillier months.

However, the costume team were put to work when they fashioned a more lightweight style of the accessory for Eloise to wear when it was summer.

"We just made it up," Claudia confressed. "We were like, 'It's the summer muff, of course!'"


So, what caused this injury in the first place? Well, according to Claudia, it was completely her 'own fault'.

"I'm an idiot," she told Stephen, confirming the injury happened during an on-set celebration, "It's my own fault."

The actor went on to explain: "To celebrate everyone's good mood, I did a high kick."

"I'm not a dancer," she went on. "The circumference of the dress I had on [...] it ends at some point. So, when I put my leg up, I was restricted immediately and then I went back."

She ended up landing on her wrist, but didn't think it was anything more than a funny blunder at first.

"Everybody was laughing, which I'm glad," she continued. "I would've hated silence."

Well, luckily, it all got sorted in the end with Claudia adding: "Obviously, we have medics on set for idiots like me."

Featured Image Credit: The Late Show with Stephen Colbert/Netflix

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