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Bridgerton fans 'love' subtle detail in scene as they spot 'parallels' between four key characters

Bridgerton fans 'love' subtle detail in scene as they spot 'parallels' between four key characters

The third instalment of Netflix's hit has sent fans wild since landing last week

Ever since its eagerly-awaited third series landed on Netflix last week, Bridgerton fans have been doing what they do best and obsessing over some of the smash-hit period-drama's hidden gems.

And apparently, a handful of the most devoted viewers have spotted an adorable detail in one of the most recent instalment's four episodes, likening it to a similarly sweet moment in a prior series.

This isn't the first time that an eagle-eyed batch of Bridgerton band-wagon riders have spotted an interesting 'Easter Egg' disguised within the show's spectacular costumes and scenery.

Earlier this week, the binge-worthy 19th century banger hit the headlines again after a selection of viewers clocked onto a tiny detail in the cast's clothing that could be a subtle reference to a pretty major character.

Throughout the TV show, fans have noticed bees dotted about on some of the cast members' costumes and some have taken to social media to share their thoughts on what they reckon could be a subtle nod to Lord Edmund, the family patriarch and husband of Lady Violet, who died from anaphylactic shock after being stung by one.

After second-eldest son Benedict was seen to be painting whilst donning a bee-embroidered waistcoat in one of the most recent episodes, however, one fan took to Reddit, asking: "Is it a bit odd that the Bridgertons wear clothes embroidered with bumblebees on?"

Penelope beckons Colin over with a subtle head nod. (Netflix)
Penelope beckons Colin over with a subtle head nod. (Netflix)

A second Reddit user shared their theory on the clothing detail, wondering: "I think they wear clothes with bumblebees to represent that Edmund will always be with them even though he passed away."

The theory seemed to prompt quite the response online with many rushing in to give their verdict on the matter.

In the same way, a small group of the sharpest-eyed viewers have spotted another intriguing parallel lying behind the fourth wall.

Taking to X, one Bridgerton fanatic shared a video, in which Penelope Featherington can be calling beckoning this series' love interest Colin Bridgerton with a subtle head nod while the not-yet-romantic pair are attending a garden party together.

In another clip all the way from series one - which the social media user has paired with the third series' sweet clip - wife Alice Mondrich be seen calling on her husband Will in the same subtle way, after which Will tells a friend that his 'wife comes first'.

Alice Mondrich beckons her husband Will over in the same way. (Netflix)
Alice Mondrich beckons her husband Will over in the same way. (Netflix)

And being that - according to the Julia Quinn books upon which Bridgerton is based - Colin and Penelope eventually end up tying the knot, some fans believed they'd spotted a parallel, which they claim to 'love'.

"OMG. Pen's head tilt to call Colin is the same gesture Alice uses to call Will. And Will says his wife comes first. With this detail, they're already introducing us to Colin "My Wife" Bridgerton! #polin," the user explained on X this week.

Another then gushed: "nice catch! so does this mean the reason they explored the mondrich subplot is because its a parallel to how pen and colin’s son will inherit the featherington’s estate?"

"THE PARALLELS," a third went on.

Featured Image Credit: Netflix

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