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Viewers to get another two series of 'jaw-dropping' BBC drama after finale left them 'in tears'

Viewers to get another two series of 'jaw-dropping' BBC drama after finale left them 'in tears'

The show writers were left 'speechless' over the exciting news

With the weather taking a little bit of a turn this week, I'm sure many of us will want to do nothing more than cosy up with a cuppa and get stuck into some proper good telly.

From the new crime drama labelled a 'masterpiece' to the 'bats**t insane' true crime documentary with 'astonishing twists', it's clear that the BBC has recently been providing us with banger after banger.

And the stellar viewing material isn't coming to an end anytime soon as viewers have not been treated to another two series of the 'jaw-dropping' police drama after the last season's finale left them 'in tears'.

The gritty police drama first hit our screens back in March. (BBC)
The gritty police drama first hit our screens back in March. (BBC)

Now, the Northern Ireland-based drama already has two seasons out with six episodes each.

The series, which first hit our screens earlier this spring (27 March), follows three rookie police officers working in Belfast, with the PSNI and features themes of internal conflict and religious strain.

If you hadn't already had gathered, the TV show is none other than Blue Lights.

Check out the official trailer here:

Show writers, Declan Lawn and Adam Patterson, recently opened up about being given a third and fourth series by the Beeb before the second season even aired - something quite rare in the biz.

Lawn told GQ: "When we heard the news we were speechless. Our mouths just opened and closed, like goldfish."

Patterson revealed they were in 'dreamland', chiming in: "We’re making a show about our home. It’s a place that’s unique, and people are really proud. When you talk to them on the street they all feel that this is their show."

"Now we have 12 episodes to work with instead of six," Lawn explained. "That allows us to be creative with the ending of season three, and have character arcs over 12 hours. It fundamentally changes the rest of the show."

And Patterson added: "We kind of know how we’re ending in series four, but what is the most fun way for us to get there?

"Pressure comes with this, of course, but it's good pressure. This is what you live and fight for."

Blue Lights has been renewed for two more seasons. (BBC)
Blue Lights has been renewed for two more seasons. (BBC)

Well, it's clear fans are over the moon at the news with one X, formerly Twitter, user writing: "@BBCOne I've got to applaud the second series of Blue Lights.

"Brilliant writing that has me swinging between tears and anger. But so much awful history that affects people still today. I know it's fiction, but in there is reality for some."

"Finished season 2 of Blue Lights. Just exceptional. Jaw dropped in the finale," gushed a second, while a third echoed: "Blue Lights finale might be one of the best things the BBC has ever done."

Another quipped: "Finale of Blue Lights was some absolutely stellar performances and really satisfying conclusion.

"Class to see local band getting a spot at the end as well. Best show I've seen in quite some time."

And a final Twitter user urged: "If Blue Lights doesn’t win a BAFTA there is simply no justice.

"Brilliant performances from everyone but this young lad is simply sensational."

Blue Lights is currently available to stream on BBC iPlayer.

Featured Image Credit: BBC

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