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'Excellent' BBC show compared to Line of Duty and Happy Valley back for second series

'Excellent' BBC show compared to Line of Duty and Happy Valley back for second series

The BBC police drama has been praised by viewers and there's already been an update on season three

Viewers are claiming that the return of this acclaimed BBC drama is better than similar UK police shows as its second season is set to drop tonight.

Those who caught up with the first series left a slew of rave reviews, calling it ‘brilliant’ and comparing it to shows like Happy Valley and Line Of Duty - which high praise, safe to say.

Don’t worry if you’ve not yet had the chance to watch it as you can get up to speed on BBC iPlayer.

The first episode of the next outing of the cop show is due to air at 9.00pm tonight and fans could not be more excited for its return.

The drama received rave reviews. (BBC)
The drama received rave reviews. (BBC)

The story follows three rookie officers working in Belfast, Northern Ireland with the PSNI and features themes of internal conflict and religious strain.

The show was such a hit last year that it’s already been commissioned for a third and fourth series, so you know it’s the real deal.

Blue Lights consists of six episodes per season, following the police crew who are gaining their footing in the force.

Created by Declan Lawn and Adam Patterson, the pair were excited to share that the second season would be in the works.

They said: "We’re thrilled that the BBC is committing to Blue Lights in this way.

"From the beginning, we wanted to write a show that had scale and ambition in its storytelling, and this decision gives us everything we need to do that.

"Thanks to the BBC, to Two Cities/STV and Gallagher Films, and to our brilliant cast and crew.

"But most of all thanks to our audience who have responded so powerfully to the show. Time for us to get to work!"

Stephen Wright and Louise Gallagher, co-creators and executive producers, added: "A two-series recommission is a staggering vote of confidence in Blue Lights – the writers, the cast, the crew and the entire production team.

"The BBC have been exceptional partners who have helped us elevate the show.

"A big thank you from everyone in the Blue Lights team for the faith and support given to our show; we are working with the best people.

"There are so many more stories to tell and we can’t wait to get going again with the Blue Lights squad in Belfast.”

Set in Belfast, it tackles local conflict and group dynamics. (BBC)
Set in Belfast, it tackles local conflict and group dynamics. (BBC)

Fans were even more excited than production crews, however, and took to social media to rave about the series.

Someone wrote about how it lives up to Happy Valley: “Wow just finished Blue Lights. So good. Well-written, nuanced and totally compelling. Never descends into cliche. Best BBC drama since Happy Valley.”

Another wanted opinions of the best of the bunch: “Which do you think have been the best crime/spy drama tv pilots (i.e. first episodes)?

Line of Duty, Slow Horses, Fargo, The Wire, Happy Valley, Unforgotten, Killing Eve, Blue Lights, State of Play, The Missing, The Killing, Top of the Lake, Sopranos, Luther. What else?”

Praise has been piled on. (X)
Praise has been piled on. (X)
Many made the comparison. (X)
Many made the comparison. (X)

Overwhelmingly, Blue Lights topped that list.

Someone else wrote: “Blue Lights is very good."

“Another cracking year of TV, the best of the bunch being Blue Lights, Happy Valley and Boiling Point #2023inReview,” someone else said.

It looks like it’s worth the watch!

Featured Image Credit: BBC

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