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Big Brother Halloween twist as Farida, Zak and Hallie return to the house

Big Brother Halloween twist as Farida, Zak and Hallie return to the house

Three evicted housemates will return via a Ouija Board to share warnings with the remaining stars

Big Brother housemates are in for a shock during the Halloween episode this week, with the return of a few familiar faces.

Ghosts are of course one of the most iconic things about the spookiest time of year, and to mark the occasion, Big Brother are bringing back three former housemates.

Farida, Zak and Hallie, who were all booted from the show in recent weeks, will be back once again as ghosts.

The shocking twist will air this week and we see the ex-housemates communicate through a Ouija Board.

It’s all part of a chilling challenge that will see the remaining housemates face ‘evil’ Big Brother. In a teaser clip for tonight’s episode, TikTok star and makeup artist Farida, who was the first housemate evicted from the house, reappears as a ghost in a mirror.

How spooky!

She tells her former housemates that someone is ‘manipulating’ the younger housemates, as the camera immediately cuts to Kerry’s shocked reaction. It’s not hard at all to figure out who Farida is calling out!

Big Brother's Farida is one of the familiar faces making a spooky return.

Viewers went wild after watching the ghost of Farida appear as a ghost, with one tweeting: "The Ouija board summoned Farida!"

Another added: "Seeing Kerry's face after hearing Farida's voice again'

A third shared: "Farida's comeback has me gagged she was so robbed'

This week's shopping task was also teased, with Big Brother warning the housemates: "Not everyone will make it out alive."

That's one way to conjure lots of tension in the house!

And that's not all - there will be a surprise eviction this Halloween with three housemates set to be put on the chopping block.

As part of the challenge, a housemate will be called on to take part in a secret mission where they will be asked to choose three people to face the surprise eviction.

The challenges on the show have caused quite the stir online, and yes we're talking about that gross kissing challenge last week.

Housemates were tasked with smooching a transparent perspex screen, while the rest of the rowdy gang watched.

We saw Olivia lick the plastic up and down, Yinrun plant lipstick smooches allover it in an orderly fashion, and Jenkin get hot and heavy behind the pane amongst a few others.

Then, when it came to Paul's turn - things really took a turn.

Big Brother airs nightly at 9pm except Saturdays on ITV2 and ITVX.

Featured Image Credit: ITV

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