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Woman who 'married ghost' wants exorcism as 'spirit husband is stalking her'

Woman who 'married ghost' wants exorcism as 'spirit husband is stalking her'

She no longer wants to be married to her spirit spouse, but claims he is not willing to let her go

A woman who claims to have married a ghost last Halloween has sought marriage counselling through a medium and is now considering an exorcism because her phantom hubby is 'stalking' her.

Rocker Brocarde, 38, says she married her haunting husband, Edwardo - the ghost of a Victorian soldier - last Halloween, but claims he is making her life 'a living hell'.

Brocarde wants out of her supernatural nuptials.

The pair weren't killing time after she says the haunting hunk made a ghostly apparition in her bedroom last year and the couple were married within five months - but she claims he's now stalking her and she wants out.

While filing legal documentation might not work to end this supernatural union, Brocarde says she's considering using an exorcist to rid him for good.

“I am at the end of my tether. I don’t want to admit defeat, but it feels like being married to a ghost doesn’t work," she said.

But it seems her persistent phantom hubby is not willing to let her go.

The pair married on Halloween last year in an abandoned chapel.

Brocarde shared she's been having 'deep dark thoughts' over the past few months, and believes Edwardo is tormenting her.

She explained that she made the unusual step of turning to a medium for marriage counselling at the start of the year, but Edwardo did not take it seriously is making her life a 'living hell' from the other side.

Brocarde told her ghost husband that she wanted to see him 'taking their relationship more seriously', but all that happened was he ended up 'haunting' her by using the 'screams of a crying baby'.

Brocarde is considering an exorcism to get out of the marriage.

While the singer-songwriter claims that she wasn’t a believer in the supernatural before she met her husband, the pair had a short engagement, marrying on Halloween night last year in an abandoned chapel (where else?) before honeymooning on Barry Island.

But the marriage was dead in the water before it had even begun.

Brocarde explained the wedding's A-list guest list led to some distasteful comments from the groom: “The ceremony had an open invite to the living and the dead, which saw the likes of Marilyn Monroe, Elvis and Henry VIII arrive to the chapel.

“Edwardo just couldn’t resist winding me up and made an inappropriate comment about Marilyn Monroe looking hot.

Brocarde claims her SO is taunting her with sounds of a 'crying baby'.

"I was like, ‘Wow really? It’s our wedding day’. The comment completely ruined my evening.”

The honeymoon didn't set pulses racing either. Brocarde says she ended up with a cone of ice cream being pushed in her face, after Edwardo tried to get feisty with her on the beach and roll around near the sea.

She said: “The whole trip just seemed to get worse and worse.

"Edwardo thought he was being passionate and romantic by wrestling me to the ground to frolic in the sand, but I was trying to share my ice cream with him and it went everywhere, all over my face, in my hair and the of course the sand stuck to it so I looked like I’d had a fight with a giant seagull.”

Seems romance really is dead.

Featured Image Credit: Instagram/@brocarde

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