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Big Brother confirms what happened during explosive fight that forced them to cancel live feed

Big Brother confirms what happened during explosive fight that forced them to cancel live feed

Some viewers caught the argument unfolding on the live stream before it was suddenly cut off

Big Brother has confirmed what happened during the explosive fight that forced them to cancel live feed.

Watch how it unfolded, just before the stream was cut, below:

Last night, viewers were plunged into silence - well, those pesky bird noises - when ITV cut the live feed of Big Brother.

The continuous live feed usually runs between 11pm and 2am, but it was taken off air suddenly.

One confused viewer tweeted: "What’s happening? Has someone been ejected?"

Someone else responded: "Trish was heard saying 'you're a bully' but we're not 100% sure to who."

Big Brother has now confirmed what happened ahead of tonight's programme, saying Trish 'faced off' with Paul at a party.

It all began when Yinrun was rewarded for passing a secret mission by being allowed to host her very own party.

The beginnings of the spat could be heard in the live stream before it was cut off.

However, she was only allowed to select six housemates to join her, choosing Chanelle, Jenkin, Tom, Trish, Dylan and Noky.

A 'disgruntled' Olivia and Paul were left to look on at the party from the upstairs area with Matty, Henry and Jordan.

Paul then started throwing balls of cling film down to the party as other housemates watched on.

He told them: “Your little d**khead party, I’m sick of it."

He then came downstairs into the party, taking two of the cocktails over to the sink as if to suggest he might pout them down the drain.

"Let’s play a game," he teased.

“Play your own f**king game, you p***k,” Jenkin said before storming off.

“Paul, grow the f**k up you f**king child.”

As Noky watched the drama unfolding, Paul turned to her and asked: “What are you staring at?”

To which she replied: “You, of course.”

Paul was labelled a 'bully'.

Paul went on: “You’re strange, you just stare at me and don’t say a word. Weird.”

When Trish returned to the party, Noky told her what had happened.

“You are a bully,” Trish called to Paul from downstairs.

He asked back: “Why am I a bully?”

Trish continued: “You know why you’re a bully, don’t act stupid."

Paul then told her to 'calm her voice down', continuing to press her on labelling him a bully.

“Are you talking about Noky, is that what you’re talking about?” he asked.

Trish responded: “So you know? So you know who you’ve been bullying? You are a bully.”

The pair then continued to bicker verbally, before dispersing into their respective groups to discuss the heated exchange.

You'll be able to watch the 'explosive argument' in full in this evening’s special live double eviction, airing across ITV1, ITV2 and ITVX at 9pm.

Featured Image Credit: ITV

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