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Big Brother star Yinrun’s boyfriend shares the 'real reason' she went on the show

Big Brother star Yinrun’s boyfriend shares the 'real reason' she went on the show

The boyfriend revealed he urged Yinrun to apply for the show and said she's being herself while in the house

The boyfriend of Big Brother star Yinrun Huang has shared the ‘real reason’ she went on the world’s most iconic social experiment.

Yinrun, 25, who is originally from Shanghai, China, has become a fan favourite during her stint in the house. So much so that viewers threatened to ‘call Ofcom’ after the customer support agent was put in Big Brother jail for breaking the rules.

Now, her boyfriend has taken to Reddit and X to share more details about Yinrun’s background and personality, after scenes on the show captured the moment she burst into tears.

He revealed that Yinrun actually didn’t know about the show before she went on, and he was the one who urged her to apply.

“This is Yinrun's Boyfriend,” he said on Reddit.

"I was actually the one who got her to apply for Big Brother, she'd never even heard of the show before.

"She was feeling sad after graduating because all her close friends moved back to China.

"One night, I saw BB were casting and suggested filming an Audition Video, just for fun, to cheer her up.

"When the Producers called to say they loved her video and wanted to meet her, she was unsure whether to pursue her application.

Yinrun's boyfriend has shared details about what she's like outside of the Big Brother house.

"But I basically said, 'You're always saying you wanna do something different, this experience is as unique as it gets.', and so she decided to go for it."

He added: "I know some people were questioning her emotional display this week, and I wanted to address that.

"Yinrun feels her emotions very deeply, probably too deeply at times, and the thing is, she always wears her heart on her sleeve.

"I've seen that level of emotion from her before, when something bad happens to someone she cares about, or when she feels she has let others down. Yinrun is very hard on herself."

He said he understands why people are speculating about all the housemates and clarified that Yinrun is being herself.

Yinrun has cried several times in the Big Brother house.

He wrote: “I understand that speculating about Housemates is part of the show, and people will have differing opinions on all of them. But hopefully as she continues to be herself, people will realise Yinrun is, and always was, just being Yinrun.

Yinrun’s boyfriend also thanked fans for supporting her. He continued: “Hand on heart, I have never known anyone who's met Yinrun, and not liked her. People seem to find her quirkiness endearing. There's really no one else like her, and that's why I love her.

"Finally, I just want to say a really HUGE thank you for all the love and support that has been shown for Yinrun, it's been unbelievable!! Although she's not able to see it, I've been compiling screenshots to show her when she comes out the house, and she will honestly be so grateful and blown away!! Thank you!! You truly are amazing and I can't express my gratitude enough!!”

Featured Image Credit: ITV/Twitter/@YinrunBoyfriend

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