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Jordan crowned as winner of Big Brother 2023

Jordan crowned as winner of Big Brother 2023

The winner of Big Brother 2023 has been announced

The winner of Big Brother 2023 has been announced... as none other than fan favourite Jordan!

The show came back with a bang this year after a five-year hiatus, and it has not left us disappointed.

Viewers have been glued to the screens snooping on Jordan, Henry and Matty’s love triangle, or watching Jenkin’s suitcase being blown up by cruel producers.

We’ve seen Kerry in tears after hearing chants outside, Hallie come out to her housemates and Matty given a shock back door eviction.

It’s been a ride, hasn’t it?

Now, after six weeks of drama, the winner of this year’s series has been named as our boy Jordan - who had a hilariously on-brand reaction.


"I can pay my council tax," he said flatly to Olivia after AJ Odudu and Will Best delivered the news.

The 26-year-old lawyer proved to be popular from day one, with viewers immediately obsessed with his dry outlook on life.

After his victory, many flooded to Twitter to share their happiness, with one writing: "JORDAN WON YESSSS LOVE U KING."

Someone else said: "DESERVED!!! Absolute king. Where the hell they found him I do not know but he’s one of the best housemates EVER. Congratulations Jordan!"

A third wrote: "Thank f**k for that!!! Well done Jordan, always been in my top 3 (with Trish and Yinrun!). Authentic and consistent throughout. Well voted public!!! V interested to see Jordan’s excited happy face shortly."


The final saw the remaining five contestants – Yinrun, Henry, Jordan, Noky and Olivia - gradually booted out one by one, before it was down to the last two.

Many viewers were furious when Yinrun was voted out fourth, saying she was 'robbed' after proving to be a firm favourite from day one.


Someone else said: "Now how does Yinrun manage to finish 4th? What is this show."

A third wrote: "YINRUN WAS F**KING ROBBED."

A fourth added: "I feel like I’ve been shot. How could the British public do this. I’m in mourning."

The final saw former contestants reunite in the crowd as their fellow housemates battled it to the top spot.

One person you won’t have seen, however, was Trish, who was reportedly uninvited from the event following controversy surrounding resurfaced tweets.

Featured Image Credit: ITV

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