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Big Brother star Hallie bravely reveals she's a transgender woman in emotional chat with housemates

Big Brother star Hallie bravely reveals she's a transgender woman in emotional chat with housemates

Hallie opens up to her fellow housemates in a heartfelt conversation on Day 2 in the house

Big Brother contestant Hallie will reveal she’s a transgender woman in tonight’s episode.

The wait for Big Brothers return finally came to an end on Sunday night as sixteen housemates arrived at the brand new Big Brother house to compete for a £100,000 cash prize.

Each housemate arrived by car and was greeted by new hosts AJ Odudu and Will Best.

One of the new housemates is London-based youth worker Hallie who, at 18 years old, is one of the youngest.

This evening, viewers will see Hallie speak to her fellow housemates at the dining table as the group discuss their living situations.

“Hey guys, I just have something to say,” Hallie tells the group. “Yesterday I feel like I wasn’t being 100% authentic in myself.”

Hallie continues: “I thought I’d let everyone know I’m trans, if you didn’t know already. I just thought I’d make that loud and clear. I’m a trans woman if you didn’t know.”

Hallie’s housemates give her a huge hug. “Good for you,” Chanelle says. That’s very brave of you.”

Hallie reveals she's a trans woman on tonight's show.

As the housemates shower Hallie with supportive comments, Dylan says: “This is a moment. I like it.”

“I don’t know why I was so nervous,” Hallie shares.

“You don’t need to be nervous,” Farida responds.

“We’ve got you,” Trish adds.

Prior to entering the house, Hallie said she applied to be on the show because she watched clips of it on YouTube which turned her into a fan. As she’s only 18 and the last series aired in 2018, she didn’t grow up watching it.

“I feel like Big Brother is the biggest social experiment and I want to be a part of it. It's about getting my face out there and just having fun, enjoying life. I'm only 18 so I didn't grow up watching it but as I got older, I would watch clips on YouTube and stuff, so I've been a fan. And yeah, just for fun, really?”

And she's already gone viral for her 'p***ed off' reaction to Big Brother's games.

Hallie entered the house with fifteen other housemates on Sunday.

When asked to share one interesting fact of herself, Hallie had the ultimate awkward story to share.

"I once accidentally swallowed magnets and I was in the news because I had to get them surgically removed and everything!"

Yikes! We're glad you're alright now, Hallie!

Hallie hopes to give some of the prize money to her mum for being so supportive. "I’d give my mum a couple of grand just to say thank you for everything she’s done for me and to give her her flowers."

Big Brother continues tonight at 9.00pm on ITV2 and ITVX.

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